Thursday, November 09, 2006

Is it Safe to Come Out Now?

So, last week the congressional tyranny of the past six years officially came to an end. As Jim Webb was declared the victor in Virginia, a new era in Washington began. When do the impeachment hearings start?

I say that last bit in jest, or perhaps as Al Franken says, "I'm just kidding on the square." This election gives a glimmer of hope that the American public actually can be trusted to make a sound decision, even if it takes them a few years to realize what that right decision is. It's really hurt to watch our trusted political process and our constitutional rights take such a trouncing recently, and I must say that I'm still reeling in disillusionment, even after the good news of the past week.

Maybe it's a coming of age for me - the dreamy-eyed belief in a sound political system has to give way eventually to reality. That reality as of late has been a world of vehement partisanship and back-scratching. Of favors traded and of complete disregard for the plight of middle-class Americans. Of power corrupting absolutely. This is far from the idyllic belief that I grew up with that politicians actually have the public's interest at heart.

Hopefully Congress will use this opportunity to make some meaningful reform - reaching a compromise on immigration, addressing the growing problem of global warming, and passing serious lobbying reform. Maybe then my wounds will heal, and my faith in the political process will be restored.

P.S. I voted for my second and third Republican candidates this election - for Hawaii governor and state senator. Don't get your hopes up though, my confused conservative friends, I'm still a Democrat through and through.


Koubi said...


I couldn't agree more. Neither party has shown truly visionary leaderhip in a long time, and I fear that there will be temptation for the Democrats to be just as partisan as the Republicans as they exercisecontrol of both houses.

You should check out my own post of the subject of the elction results:


RichardL said...


I was interested to read your comments on the Republican defeat in the mid-term elections. I think your hopes for less partisan politics may not be misplaced. Certainly, the presidential election in 08 would seem to be a contest of moderates in Hillary Clinton and John McCain. There is one thing I'm a little unclear about. What do you mean by 'the plight of middle class Americans'? I'm a little worried about the protectionist noises coming out of the Democratic Party, which I don't think will benefit the middle class long-term.
Anyway, I'd be glad to hear your thoughts.
Your friend in the UK,
Richard Lukey