Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mike Huckabee

I'm not sure, after these past seven or so years, that I'll ever be able to vote for a Republican for president. But, if the next president were Mike Huckabee, I wouldn't shed any tears.

As a former governor, he's got a solid track record and has stayed true to his beliefs. (Romney also had a successful tenure as governor, but his views have now completely changed to the more political opportune). Huckabee even talks a bit about education - something most of the other GOP candidates couldn't care less about. Here's a 1-minute soundbite of his views on the matter.

Then, if that doesn't woo you, this most definitely will.


Chris Robertson said...

Huckabee? Huckabee??? Oh boy. If Fred Thompson is the Republican version of Barack Obama in platitudes, then Mike Huckabee is the mirror version of Hillary Clinton in corruption. Plus Huckabee is essentially a Democrat anyway. The president should mandate music in school? NASA is the reason we have flat screen TVs? This guy will pander to anybody. If you're gonna go left, then just go Edwards.

The real problem with American education:

We'll talk more in a week, XOXOXXX

Chris Robertson said...

Actually, that 20/20 segment is kind of sensational. I found this documentary by Milton Friedman that is far more informative.

Granny said...

Hi Jacob! I have been spending time watching the presidential campaignes this year. There are so many who threw their names in the pot. I was delighted to hear your statements about Mike Hukebee, being the Democrat that you are, because if he is in the running for our next president he will definitely get my vote as I have always voted the candidate and not the party.

Looking forward to seeing you and Courtney next weekend.

Love you much,