Friday, May 15, 2009

And Baby Will Make 3!

So the last couple of months have brought lots of changes to our lives. After a year recruiting for Teach For America in Seattle, we decided to look for jobs closer to home (i.e. somewhere in the south). Amidst the job search, we found out we were having a baby! Over the past few weeks, the little baby has been growing (I'm 10 weeks along at this point) and I was offered a job with Teach For America as a Program Director in New Orleans.

When I got the offer, we decided to go for it and quickly made plans to move down to New Orleans. Our movers came today leaving us in a pretty empty apartment. We'll be flying to New Orleans on Sunday and moving into the bottom floor of an adorable, recently remodeled house in the Irish Channel (near the Garden District). It has 2 bedrooms, so in a few months we'll be turning one into a nursery.

Baby Landry is due on December 12th and we are both really excited about this new development. The ultrasound picture is from 9 1/2 weeks and though it's hard to tell in the picture, I was able to see arms, legs, a strong heartbeat, and an active little baby-to-be moving around.

Jake is in the midst of applying and interviewing for jobs in New Orleans and hopes to line something up around the time our recruitment jobs end at the end of this month. We could not be more excited about being closer to family and actually getting to live IN a city, as opposed to traveling all the time, like we did this year.

We definitely welcome all visitors and of course will want to share our little one when he/she gets here!


Erin and Andrew said...

So excited for you guys!!! What an exciting time for you!

R Hayhoe said...

I can't wait to find out if y'all are having a boy or girl. I'm so excited for you! And I love the house!

Marvin Owen said...

glad to see the blog is active again.