Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Picture this. Across the street is a pretty house with a pretty yard, with the inside lights shining out. From my vantage point, I can see pretty pictures on the wall, indicating a fashionably decorated house. On the door is a duck with a gauzy blue ribbon symbolizing the baby boy that just arrived there this weekend. The house is emitting a calm, contented aura.

Then there is me and our house. I emerge carrying a 26 lb, 13 month old, a diaper bag, a gym bag, a plastic bag with borrowed items I am finally going to return, a paper bag of recycling, a plastic bag of recycling, a pizza box, and keys. I stumble to the car trying not to drop any of these items, especially the 13 month old. I am carrying all at once, because, yet again, I am rushing. I drop everything (except the 13 month old) by the car and then start the process of trying to get everything in, while still trying to hurry.

I remember the calm beginnings of motherhood fondly, but I do feel, despite the craziness, it only gets better.


Kimberly said...

Ha! That's so funny because that's me all the time! I'm so glad Jude can walk now!

Marvin Owen said...

Now invision a mom (with red hair) at the grocery store, two shopping carts and four children in tow.

Courtney said...

Dad - that's the kind of image that makes you think twice about having a large family! Of course four kids spaces them out that hopefully you could go to the grocery store while some are in school!