Saturday, April 21, 2012

31 weeks

31 weeks pregnant - 4/21/12

It still feels like baby Cora's arrival is a good ways off, but it is nice to see those weeks tick off! I feel like she's going to be a little early and my guess is in the teens of June (her due date is June 23). If I were going to bet, I'd put my money on the 17th. That is based on what I think is my true due date (probably around the 25th) + the fact that Jack was 8 days early. I'm writing this down just because I'm interested to see if she proves me totally wrong.

Did you know full term pregnancies are 38-42 weeks? That is a full school year. That is between 266-294 days. That is as long as we lived in Seattle. That is 1/3 of Jack's life. My point: that is a L-O-N-G stretch of time. Thankfully, I'm leaving on vacation! Since we all know vacations fly by, I figure I'll be 33 weeks before I know it and that's close enough to 38, for me to want time to pass slowly as I still have lots I want to get done.

You may have heard us talk about a trip to Puerto Rico. Jacob was itching to do a big trip before baby arrived, taking advantage of our ability to leave our one older child with grandparents and go somewhere a little adventurous. We looked at several countries, but Puerto Rico's flight options were the best. We booked the flights in January thinking I'd be 30-31 weeks. Then my due date moved up a week. Then I started having daily contractions. We waited until 2 weeks ago to make a decision but I don't think either of us were wanting to take the risk of being a flight away from home/Jack/work/family. So now we are going to drive to SC during Jacob's spring break and spend some time with my family at the beach. We are then leaving Jack with my parents for four nights and going to upstate SC/NC for some couple time.

I've really been looking forward to this trip and plan to enjoy every minute! Jack is going to have a blast at the beach and I want to enjoy the lazy beach days and then cram about every non-child friendly activity into our four days away (like spa visit, nice dinners, reading, sleeping, movies, music, coffee shops, impulse decisions, adult conversation, etc.)

Now we just have to survive the 14 hour car trip!

Pregnant with baby Cora - 31 weeks

Week Thirty-One Stats:

How it feels to be pregnant at 31 weeks: I'm having lots of pelvic pressure because of baby Cora's position + a sore back if I stand too long + a sore butt if I sit too long. Other than that, I feel pretty good and have been going on daily walks.

My healthy pregnancy intentions for last week (how I did):

1) Midwifery appointment on Wednesday (went well - saw new part time midwife who also commented on how low baby is {not that I'm not fully aware of this!}

2) Keep reading Bradley book and do Bradley exercises 4 days this week (did this)

3) Do one practice relaxation exercise with Jacob from Bradley book (did NOT do this and need to as I know this is something that takes practicing before it's a skill I'll be able to pull out during labor)

4) Finish up the requirements of my La Leche League Leader certification (yes! I'll start a group in June)

My healthy pregnancy intentions for this week


2) Finish reading my La Leche League Leader Handbook and plan how to roll out the new LLL of New Orleans group's first meeting in early June

3) Finish reading my Bradley book and do my Bradley exercises 4 days

4) Do relaxation exercises 2 times


julie holcomb said...

Looking good Courtney! And stylish too! Miss you and proud you are starting up LLL group in New Orleans. Wish I was there to attend. And who is this new part-time midwife you speak of? That could have been me, wouldn't that have been cool! See you in a week. Can't wait.

Annie said...

We need to catch up! I love the name Cora. I think it is so awesome that you are doing LLL. I hope you have an awesome vacation and I would just love for our paths to cross soon. I think our families would have so much fun together. Miss you!