Tuesday, May 29, 2012

36+ weeks

36+ weeks pregnant (5/29/12)

This weekend we took a quick trip to Gulfport, MS to spend a little time as a family of 3 before the big switch to a family of 4 comes.  I am SO GLAD that we did this.  At the very least, I'll have a helpful way of remembering some of the last moments where I was primarily mother to 1 child, rather than 2.  Plus I think it's good for us to just get away in order to really all focus on each other (rather than the yard, the house, our many projects, etc.)  I'm hoping there is another beach trip in our future this summer.

It wasn't a glamorous trip, but it was perfect for Jack.  It was only a short drive, there was a fun children's museum, our hotel was across the street from the beach and had a pool, and the ocean was essentially a big tidal pool which was a great set-up for Jack to play in the water.

The downsides to the trip were that 1) Jack got sick at night but managed to perk up for more morning fun in the beach and pool and 2) we got unknown emergency warning lights in our car both on the way there and back that resulted in a 2.5 hr pit stop at the New Orleans Toyota dealership on the way home.  Jack was sick enough to be docile during this stop, but 2.5 hours for a 2.5 year old is a LITTLE long!

I'm glad we got to fully focus on Jack for one more trip.  There are definitely some things I'll miss about being a mom of one, like:
  • having such simple priorities when my child is sick or needs me - everything else has been able to take a back seat when Jack has been sick (from big sicknesses to small) and I can imagine it won't be quite that simple when everything else includes an equally loved child
  • no competitions for snuggle time - Jack likes to snuggle and we have spent LOTS of time curled up together/rocking together/me holding him in the last 2.5 years.  I may have just carried all 35 lbs of him all wrapped up in a towel all the way from the pool to our room (+25 lbs of baby) just bc I wanted to relish him being my baby a little longer.
  • the mom/child buddy system - we are definitely best pals and have had lots of special adventures just the two of us
  • how easy it is to stretch out and enjoy the various routines of the day because I only have one child that needs me at those times (Jacob has the maturity and patience, usually, to wait)
But I know we are exchanging one special set-up for another and I can't wait for me and Jack to get to know Cora together and to just add more love to our family.

Jack's Memorial Day Trip video

Week Thirty-Six Stats:

How it feels to be pregnant at 36 weeks: My back gets really stiff when I stand for more than a minute or so or when I'm sleeping.  I get a shooting pain when I move after either of those things.  I'm having more contractions this week, but they are still irregular.

My healthy pregnancy intentions for last week (how I did): 

1) Midwife appointment on Tuesday (went well - Jacob and I talked through our birth plan and I really appreciated the time our midwife Esther spent with us as well as the advice she had to give)

2) Eat healthy, go to prenatal yoga, and do Bradley exercises 4 times (There were a few chocolate croissants and some guilty pleasures on our trip, but otherwise...., yes, 3x)

3) Continue deep cleaning my house to satisfy my nesting instinct and so I can bring baby home to a dust free house! (yes!)

My healthy pregnancy intentions for this week:

1) Midwife appointment on Wednesday where I'll get an exam to see if these contractions are actually doing anything

2) Checking off lots of final things on baby to do list (washing bedding and diapers, finishing Cora's room, etc.)

3) Keep walking daily even though I'm starting to feel more tired/winded overall

4) Bradley exercises + relaxation practice


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