Sunday, January 27, 2013

Favorite Moments of the Week

#5: Talkative Jack on the drive to Charlotte: "Momma, keep your eye out for some really old houses."  Repeated 40x in various ways over the course of 2 hours. The drive along back roads between Florence, SC and Charlotte, NC did not disappoint. There were lots of falling down houses along the way.

#4: Elated Jack at various points on his Grammy/Big Papa vacation: driving up to their house, saying "I need to hug Big Papa first"...having the time of his life at the YMCA pool...playing hide and seek with various family members (he is the world's worst player btw!)...visiting the main Florence fire station and getting to watch firemen slide down actual poles!

#3: Watching Cora perk up the first time she saw her Daddy on Face Time one day into our trip. She was obviously so happy to see him :)

#2: My buddy Jack being so happy to do "big boy LEGOs" with me last night. As we got closer to having the LEGO fire truck built, he kept clasping his hands and saying "I am so excited!!"

#1: After being told no by the first attendant, my mom and I found a different USAirways employee and asked if my mom could come back through security with me at the Charlotte airport since I was traveling alone and my flight was a little delayed. That woman said it was unlikely, but when I mentioned I'd been able to do it before, she said she'd check with her supervisor. The supervisor said yes and FOUR HOURS LATER our flight left Charlotte. I am so grateful my mom stayed and helped corral my napless children.  This meant she had to drive home through sleet and ice late at night. I am so thankful for her selflessness and that the supervisor was feeling generous!

SC weather had us wearing jackets and hats for the first time this winter!

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