Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Camp

I'm a firm believer that if you put a name on something it becomes a whole lot cooler.  So for our stretch of six days home together as a family, I told Jack and Cora they'd be attending Easter Camp.  This looked different each day: from days fully scheduled out to days that just sort of happened.  Here is some of the fun we had:

A Schedule: I can't resist.  When we had to make a last minute adjustment to our Friday schedule to take Cora in for an ear check, I had to console my little alter ego, Jack. We both don't take well to last minute changes.

Crafts:  I love the concept of Pinterest, but visit only about 3x/year.  I got a great return on my five minutes of craft searching:

Baking: I love how the Waldorf School incorporates baking into the school day, involving the kids in the preparation of their own snack.  So at Easter Camp, we made:

Music: This was easy!  As the Director of Vacation Bible School, I have the Music DVD and we popped it in to practice songs.  My kids love these songs!

(We invited good friends Jack & Sam to this day of Easter Camp)

Scavenger Hunt: I wrote out a list of things to find (leaves, sticks, balls, etc.) and things to do (something loving, something silly, etc.)  This turned out to be a lot of fun as Cora followed right along with Jack.

The Great Landry Family Egg Hunt: (Again, just put a cool name on something...)  I like the idea of separating egg-esque activities from Easter Day, so we did an egg hunt a few days before Easter and it helped keep Easter focused on going to church and thinking about what we were celebrating.

For the egg hunt, I hid eggs, some with clues inside, the rest empty.  Jack and Cora found and opened all the eggs and then Jack put the clues in number order.  The clues led J&C around the house to find little surprises. 

We also read bible stories, played outside a lot, went on a bike ride, picnicked in the park, had an awesome crawfish boil with friends and family, and have been enjoying the most beautiful beginning of spring in New Orleans.

Cora HATED her cold outside bath!

We had a good friend watch Jack and Cora so we could go peacefully to the Maundy Thursday service at Rayne Methodist.  This is the most beautiful, moving service.  And we spent an uplifting morning at Rayne, celebrating Easter.  He is risen, indeed!

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