Sunday, March 01, 2015

Baby Luke's Nursery

It is so fun to prepare for a new baby, and even more so when you have the energy and excitement of a 5 and 2 year old added in.  Jack and Cora have been so interested in the process of getting ready for baby Luke.  When I was getting ready to wash baby clothes, Cora took every single item of clothing out of the stacks of sorted clothes, admired it, and placed it in a new stack.  When I set up the bassinet and baby seats, they were both eager to tour around the house looking for changes.  They also both have sudden renewed interest in baby toys :)  Cora has said no less than 10 times in the past week: "Baby Luke can share" or "Baby Luke needs to share."  :)

At long last Baby Luke's nursery is ready.  I like seeing how some of Jack's former nursery items + some of Cora's can come together to be a new and special room in what used to be Cora's nursery.  (That would be thanks to, World Market, and Marshalls, right Jacob?)

Jack's nursery bedding and boats picture

New baby = new name, new curtains, new pillow, new rug

Cora likes Baby Luke's toy basket

It is CRAZY to know that a new baby could arrive any day!  It's surreal to be readying yourself for such an event but then also be so caught up in your normal day-to-day.  Excitement and anticipation over here!

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