Friday, April 15, 2016

13 Months!

This has been a big month for our baby boy!

Talking ...
- Luke had a word explosion this month.  Duck (he's obsessed; remember, we have real ones!), nigh-nigh, book, baby, ball, truck added to Mama, Dada, Ja-Ja, and nana.  I sometimes think he can say something like "To-wa" for Cora but jury is out.
- He also says a few 2 word phrases; he'll say "Hi Duh" when we visit our ducks.  When I bring him into our bed in the morning and he sees Jacob, he says "Dada!" and when prompted, he can say "Hi Dada" and I even got him to say "Dada nigh-nigh"
- He says "nigh-nigh" when he's tired.  This kid!!
- One reason I love Luke's teacher is that she gets just as tickled/excited as I do anytime Luke says a new word :)

But not walking
- Not even close!  He can cruise (and climb up the stairs) but he can't stand by himself yet.  We are seriously impeding his ability to walk because we are constantly picking him up because our world is just too dangerous for him!
With his best buddy Addison

Why would I walk when these guys can push me around?

He's perfect...
- He's a sweet thumb sucker with a preference for his Mommy. He loves to read his books, always has a toy in his mouth, and thinks his brother, sister, and (especially) his Daddy are really funny.

But he's trouble!
- He eats toilet paper, knocks over full glasses of water that are supposedly out of his reach, eats toys he shouldn't, climbs stairs, doesn't understand the word no, chews on shoes, and constantly has electrical outlet covers in his mouth. Whew! It was already crazy to get the family ready in the morning but Luke definitely took it to a new level this month. He oftentimes ends up in his crib with a book so we know he's safe and so we can actually get ready.
He's a sizeable guy BUT he's 4 lbs smaller than Jack was at this age!!
He got sick for the first time this month, twice. First, an ear infection that had him up almost an entire night and, then, a cold. This disrupted his 12 hour sleep stretches and he's still waking occasionally.

He is an opinionated eater. If he doesn't like the look of a food, it is gone from his tray. He has a mean swipe and it would be funny except that it's seriously hard to get him to try new things. He likes to feed himself (as in he jerks away if you try to put a piece of food in his mouth) but he's not willing to try new things. Favorite foods continue to be bananas, bread, blueberries, and oatmeal. He ate a lot of grapes this month. He also likes pizza and he loved his birthday cakes.

Party Pics

My babies

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