Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Luke at 15 months - talking AND walking!

Luke surprised us all about a week ago with a few toddling steps. Isn't it hilarious in the first few weeks of walking to look up and SEE YOUR BABY WALKING?! So funny! In a week, he can already toddle across the room and stand himself back up once he falls down.

Beautiful blue eyes has added just a few new words this month: hat, nose, and (today), bubble. He will also answer "ruh-ruh" when you ask "What does a dog say?"

Bedtime Ritual

This month we've fallen into the sweetest nap and night-time rituals. We walk into his room and he points and says "Buh!" We read two or three books and he'll still point and want another. I usually give in. Then it's time for mama
-milk which he's always happy to have.

There are pictures of Jack and Cora on the wall as babies and I used to prompt him to say goodnight to "baby Jack-Jack and baby To-ta". Now we start by telling each picture goodnight, then move to touch the bead art picture on his door, then we tell a few other items goodnight (a ceramic elephant, the car on his growth chart, the big picture of a boat above his bed). Luke loves this and gestures me from one item to the next. He also added pointing to his window, so now we say goodnight to outside too.

Then I lay him in his bed and he pops immediately up and waits for me to cover him with his blanket. For a few days, he'd laugh and then blow me a kiss (for real!!) but more often then not he'll stand up and fuss for a second as I leave before settling himself down.

Sweet baby.

Picky Eater?!

Luke is definitely our pickiest baby eater. (I just fact-checked this statement by rereading my blog when Cora was this age and if you know Jack you know he's ALWAYS been a great eater!) There were a few weeks this month when Luke seemed to only be eating oatmeal, blueberries, bananas and peanut butter on bread.

Luke has always swiped away foods that he's not interested in. With a baby it has been hard to know what to do when he rejects a food. If he were to throw it on the floor, for example, and we give it back to him, he just throws it away again. He won't tolerate being fed so unless he wants to put it in his mouth, it's not going to get there. (We tried forcing the issue a few times with lots of sputtering and tears as a result.)

Some small wins have been mashing up fruit into his morning oatmeal. Whereas he would never eat a raspberry if given one, he eats them just fine when they are mashed into his oatmeal. We also find that you can't give up. We've probably given him roasted broccoli 50 times. He's eaten it about 20 of those times. He seems sensitive to temperature (prefers warm, hates cold) and also just seems to know what he wants/whether he's hungry.

Breakfast is oatmeal and fruit. Lunch at school needs to be reliable: usually two fruits he likes (bananas, blueberries, apples, pears, or melons are usually winners, sometimes pineapple) + bread with peanut butter or leftover plain pasta or pizza. Cold veggies are going to come home uneaten.

Meat is usually a no, though he does love sucking on bacon. And cheese!  My other kids can't get enough but after months of offering, Luke has only eaten it a few times!

But there is nothing wrong with him. On occasion, he'll scarf down everything near him and he's always game for something sweet. We don't give him sweets except on very special occasions. His "treat" is the occasional dried fig which he LOVES!  He's getting plenty of breastmilk so our plan is to just keep offering only healthy foods and to try not to stress about his eating habits!


We've found that Luke likes stacking toys, but his favorite games to play are still climbing stairs, eating shoes, eating crayons, paper, or books, and opening cabinets that are not baby proof!  We have an exersaucer which he considers baby jail. Sometimes he'll fight so hard when I try to put him in that I have to give up because I can't get his legs in. Once in, he can be distracted if Cora or I start bouncing with him and chant "Bounce Lutey Bounce!" The exersaucer is majorly helpful because it's really hard to make dinner when you have to pluck a baby off the stairs every 45 seconds.

(Sorry for the scary sounds of talking in slo-mo!)

Love the shoe in his mouth!

This baby is definitely starting to seem like a toddler this month!

Baby of a brewery owner!

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