Thursday, November 24, 2016

Luke is 20 Months!

It's a crazy week, but I've got to capture my baby boy at his latest milestone.

  • This was the month of "Noooo!" and of a child learning to stand his ground in the world. I actually saw my sweet baby shove another child when he thought his snack was about to be infringed upon. Luke knows when he does wrong and gets quite distraught if he gets yelled out (full on tears!). He knows we expect him to show "gentle hands" if he uses rough hands with any of us. He's usually willing to make amends unless he's so broken hearted by our reprimand that he must be scooped up and loved. Ah, the life of the baby :)
What?  I can do no wrong, right?
  • He's such an avid reader! I'm so proud to be batting 3 for 3 with fostering a love of reading in my kids. I think Luke has quite sophisticated tastes for a 20 month old and knows characters' names (his favorite right now is "Low-y-low" which is Lowly Worm, a Richard Scarry character. He selects his own books before bed and even though we read 3 he always wants "wuh moh". I pick books for him at the library and so we have a revolving and impressive amount of board books that stay scattered around his room.

  • He loves to be outside. He's all over the driveway and yard, saying hi to the ducks/chickens, pushing his cars around, dragging a shovel or a rake, and just being cute. He comes in very dirty!

  • He loves "babbles" which is what he calls babies and I know he's going to love spending time with his baby cousin Owen over Thanksgiving. He also loves Cora's friends - he likes to repeat their names and he likes to join in their play.
  • Even though Ms. Larita is no longer his main classroom teacher, she is still his love and he must start his day by going into her classroom and getting a hug. He also knows the street where his school is located and when we pass it, he calls out "E-ya!" which is what he calls her.
  • He loves "pe-pah" and "pe-pul" (pizza and pretzels) and still loves fruits, especially apples and bananas. He still starts and ends his day with "mah-mil" and usually nurses one other time each day.
We're currently spending 9 days together on a big road trip to South Carolina and I'm enjoying the leisure time watching this cute little guy continue to explore his world.

Purple and Gold Day

Looking so cute at my Tata's wedding

He's like a real kid now :)

We achieved Princess Leia and her brother Luke Skywalker!  Jack abandoned his initial plans to be Kylo Ren and was a very proud LSU football player.

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