Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Happy Birthday Baby :)

We are reveling in Luke's birthday week. It started with his Big Papa, Grammy, Aunt Kristen, and cousins Billy and Baby O(wen) coming to visit this weekend. Sunday was birthday party day with MeeMaw and Team Carlisle (4 friends all in one family!).
At Storyland
Luke was super excited about his cake with "booberries" and kept sneaking blueberries pre-cake time. The best part of the party was sitting out on the cold porch with Luke (who knew it would be cold in NOLA on March 12th) and enjoying our cake together. I made a Copycat Whole Foods Chantilly Cake and convinced 3 Whole 30 eaters to cheat and try the end result!

And now, today, our youngest child is 2. Deep breaths. Down hormones!

Jack and Cora decorated a birthday chair for Luke and each picked out an old toy to gift Luke.

Luke celebrated with a doctor's appointment and a birthday party at school.  We arranged for his love interest, Cate, to attend, along with Cora. Because we are all zinging off the chantilly cake leftovers, I made healthy banana muffins instead of cake but I don't think the little friends minded.

Birthdays are exhausting!

And how else does one celebrate a 2 year old's birthday? He loves pizza and the park, so that was our evening plan. We were reminded, yet again, how not relaxing it is to go to a restaurant with all of our kids. The park was a much better fit.

Our 2 year old thinks nothing is too hard for him now!

2 year old updates:
- The hitting is still happening!  The last two park outings have resulted in hitting other kids. But Sunday at Urban South, Luke came up to me and said "people sharing" and then walked over and started giving toys to another child. And he is doing better with being willing to say that he's sorry if he hits. One step forward, one step back!

- He's amusing us with a new I Love You routine. At some point, Luke started saying "I love you apple!" which may have been his version of Cora/Jack's "I love you infinity." One night Jacob kept saying back to him "No, I love you apple" to which Luke replied "I love you orange!"  This totally sums up Luke - he's a witty guy who knows how to be funny.  Now our "I love yous" sound like:

Luke: "I love you apple"
Jacob: "I love you banana"
Luke: "I love you orange"
Jacob: "I love you pineapple"
Luke....."I LOVE YOU APPLE" (he runs out of fruits and since he has no other word to offer, his best effort at winning the exchange is to raise his voice)

Luke rubs deodorant all over his "botty" every day. Oh Luke.
LUKE - you entertain us and amaze us and have softened our lives these last two years!

You make all of us smile and I hope you loved your birthday :)

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