Sunday, October 23, 2011

4 weeks!

4 weeks....pregnant! (10-23-11)

Ahhh! We are having another baby!! Less than 24 hours after getting that piece of news, it hasn't fully sunk in. We want to have another baby and one mere month ago decided to start trying. It all the sudden just felt very right to expand our family. How amazing that this blessing has come so fast!

We bought the pregnancy test yesterday. But I was NOT going to take it until my period was officially one day late. That would have been this morning. Last night, I felt like a child on Christmas Eve. I had a hard time falling asleep and kept waking up. Finally about 1:30, I said, I'm going to go ahead and take it. And BAMM, 45 seconds later, I see this:

I was giddy, but didn't want to wake Jake up, so I texted him the picture. I then lay in bed for more than an hour too excited to sleep. I finally did fall asleep but woke up several times before finally at 6:40, going and getting Jake his phone. I was trying to be natural about this and he finally picked it up and looked to see if he had any messages. His response? "Wow, you're fertile." :)

We are going to keep the news quiet for a few weeks. This was our thought after the first pregnancy where we (I) felt the first weeks dragged by and it was hard to even believe I was actually pregnant. The plan is to tell our parents in two weeks and then slowly spread the word, but we'll see if we hold out. So I'm just going to save this post as a draft for now!

Week Four Stats:

How I know I'm pregnant: cramping - I had this with Jack and it was what actually (after a week of being like "Period, just start already!") clued me in something might be up.

feel like I'm in a good starting place but know I should cut back on my desserts and up the greens

My healthy pregnancy intentions for this week:

1) switch from regular woman's to prenatal vitamins
2) weigh myself
3) schedule a first visit with the midwifery practice in town
4) eat more greens and less sweets

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Chelsea said...

Congrats! Looks like we're pretty close in due dates. :)