Sunday, September 23, 2012

Brotherly love

I said I wasn't judging the situation for 6 weeks, but I will say what a yo-yo emotions week!  I had many moments of enjoying being back at work and feeling like I can totally do this and many other moments of being like "absolutely not - I cannot do this!"  Huge thanks to my mom who was here to smooth out all the potential rough edges of this past week.  Luckily, I get her help for next week too!  (And Cora, did you really have to play around with a nursing strike THIS week?  Not a real nursing strike, but the easiest baby did throw me a couple curve balls.)

Brotherly love:
I want to write this moment down because it was just so perfect and I don't want to forget it. 

If you wake Jack up, he almost always is grumpy.  Well, I woke him up the other morning and even my promises to take him by the fire station on our run were being met with "I don't LIKE fire stations" along with a loud whine.  Well then Jacob comes in carrying Cora and he lays Cora down next to Jack, face to face.  Jack had his eyes stubbornly closed but then opened one eye and saw Cora.  He reached his arm around her and pulled her toward him and gave her a kiss.  So precious.  Jacob made the comment that it was such a mature response, like something a 7 year old might do, rather than a 2 year old.  (Haha, not that we have any clue what 7 year-olds do.)

I love how he loves her.  He seems to see her in the same light we do - as a precious little baby here in our lives to make them sweeter.  He's not once seemed annoyed by her presence and always lights up when she is around.  There was a week or two early on when he was rough with her, but I think he saw it as a way to get attention.  That was the only adjustment period he seemed to have to her birth thus far.

I'm excited to see their relationship grow as she gets older.  I've always wanted a large (or okay maybe just semi-large) family after growing up with 3 siblings.  It is crazy to think about what life will be like when Cora is Jack's age and is running around with her own unique personality.

It is SO NICE to have surmounted the initial learning curve of having two children, to feel more on top of taking care of them, and thus, to be enjoying them more!

Jack and brand new Cora - June, 2012

September, 2012 - Look at that double chin!!!

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