Friday, December 28, 2012

Baby Led Weaning Update

Three weeks in...

 Today's menu (a typical day):

- Still nurses the same amount - 6-7x day
- For breakfast: 3 pear slices and 1 cucumber stick
- For lunch: 2 apple slices and 1 cucumber stick
- For dinner: combination of apple and pear slices and 2 cauliflower stalks

Favorite foods:

- Cora has liked everything (as in she goes for each food with laser focus, jerkily brings it to her mouth, and goes after it)
- She is most able to eat pear slices because she can easily hold them and they melt away in her mouth and she seems to swallow them
- Apple slices and cucumber sticks are my favorites, because they are really easy for her to hold, the least messy, and she can gnaw them, taking in the flesh
- She also easily handles steamed or boiled cauliflower/broccoli and roasted butternut squash/sweet potatoes and is definitely eating them - these are just more messy!

Least favorite food:

- We both are frustrated by bananas: her, because they slip out of her grasp constantly, and me, because they keep falling on the floor, leaving a sticky mess behind.


- This just feels like a logical approach to eating.  We put food in front of her and she is in charge for the rest of the meal.  We have to retrieve food from the floor at times, but otherwise, our meals are relaxed.
- Cora is always excited to be put in her high chair.  If we are heading into a nap or bedtime, she gets frustrated after 10 minutes; otherwise, she is content for up to 30 minutes.
- We are all having fun watching her discover FOOD!


- The combination of Jack and Cora at a meal is MESSY.  Jack eats on a bench and tends to migrate around with greasy hand streaks and crumbs following.  Cora frequently knocks her food on the floor.  This leaves stickiness and small chunks of food all over the place.  Lots of on-hands-and-knees cleaning after meals!

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