Saturday, December 08, 2012

Cora at 6 months

Half a year tomorrow!  Time is definitely flowing faster in Cora's life than it did for Jack (at least from my perspective!)

She's not a child for drastic changes.  She has gradually changed some over the past month, but we'd still describe her as:
  • Calm
  • Sweet as sugar
  • Happy
  • EASY!
  • Full of love and full of chub! :) 

A typical day for Cora looks like this:

*Wake once in the night to eat
*Wake once more to remind my parents I'm alive and to request pacifier be put back in my mouth
*I might wake between 5:30-6:30 but if I wake up early, I'm usually happy to just lie awake in Mommy and Daddy's bed and stare at the ceiling fan while they go back to sleep
*Get up and get dressed with Mommy, watch everyone eat breakfast (I got to join in yesterday and today with my own banana!), nurse before Mommy leaves for work
*Spend my morning with Ms. Rachel 3 days a week
*My days vary, but a mix of naps, tummy time, going places, and watching my brother.  Right now I have laser like focus on anything that comes within my reach and I grab for it and bring it right to my mouth.
*I like me a LONG nap after lunch.  3 hours at least, but if you keep the house quiet, I'll go longer.
*I'm always happy to see my daddy come home.  I adore everyone in my family and think my brother is hilarious. 

I smile, laugh, chew on things, stick my tongue out, and kick my legs to make my bouncy seat move.  I am getting pretty good at sitting up.  I'm not that interested in rolling over, but I can, and do it most mornings in my crib.  I am chill and happy to just observe and chew thank you!  (I now have two bottom teeth - they have caused me no tears, just a strong desire to gnaw on things.)
*I save my crying for when I'm tired or hungry and I start to get pretty of both by 7:00.  If you give me a bath, I immediately switch back to happy because I love splashing my legs in the water.  Nurse me and I'll go right to sleep.  Unless I'm overtired, and then I might make my dad pat my back for a while.

You are a joy to all you meet sweet Cora-bell!
 Oh and got to love the new nickname: "Cora-badorable"

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