Saturday, March 02, 2013

Picture Update!

I've had many moments of major over-stimulation this week!  It's my own fault in that I oftentimes get on the computer during my few moments of downtime rather than unplugging from the world.

The other cause of my over-stimulation is that this week has had lots of projects to accomplish but only small chunks of time in which to accomplish them.  This leaves me perpetually frustrated because I keep starting things and not finishing them.  I'm definitely craving a few hours alone so I can think and actually complete a task! 

So in an effort to not spend an hour on my blog (which I consider fun but which doesn't help my problem of not getting anything finished!), I thought I'd just share some recent photos this week! 


Morning snuggles, tickles, and wrestling

Bedtime ritual.  Jack would like 20 books, but we usually just read 1 or 2.

Jack and Cora reading together :)  Had to grab the camera!

Another "grab the camera" moment - Daddy and Cora talking.

Little Red Riding Hood is a full-on crawler now!

Cora in heaven - Jack's still asleep and she has unlimited access to his toys!

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