Monday, February 25, 2013

Baby Cora Visits the Hospital

This has been a busy week!  The next few weeks should be a bit quieter and now that we finished watching Downton Abbey, we can stop staying up so late and get back to our good sleep habits :)

We met with a pediatric surgeon last week who felt that Cora should go ahead and have her umbilical hernia repaired rather than risk it causing her any further problems. I scheduled a visit with Cora's pediatrician to get her opinion and she agreed, so we scheduled Cora's hernia repair for this past Wednesday.

Baby girl did great and I was proud of team Jacob and Courtney.  Thanks to friend Sarah for hosting Jack in the early morning, for the Waldorf family who let Jack attend school for the day, for friend Katie who brought dinner by, to OR nurse friends Erin and Kate who educated me so I wouldn't be worried, and to all the other friends and family who checked in with us throughout the day.

Coincidentally, Cora was in the same room as Jack was pre-heart surgery and dressed in the same salmon gown!

Thanks brother Jack for the LEGO you sent me to play with :)

Happy Baby turned to Sleepy, Hungry Baby when surgery was delayed.
Missing Picture: Drowsy and extra cuddly post-surgery Cora, who nursed and slept in my arms

But after your nap, you were back to your normal, happy self

Playing with your IV
Chewing on your IV

And on the subject of babies... We were all set to have a 50-person, baby shower bash on Saturday, when the baby himself makes an unscheduled arrival the night before!  Welcome to the world Baby John Crews!  In your vegetarian parents' honor, we will be eating lots of squash this week in creative ways :)  So far: grilled squash, veggie wraps, and squash casserole :)

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Karen Jacobs said...

So very glad that Cora did so well. What a sweet and happy baby you have to carry her amazing disposition through that!! love the last shot of her little betadined belly. :)