Saturday, June 01, 2013

Jack at 3.5 ... !!!

Biting my tongue (or rather crossing my fingers) to keep from writing the cliched line about where has time....

Here is my snapshot of what this little boy - my little boy - is like as he hits the 3.5 year mark.

Jack, in the mornings,... 
  • has a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde thing going.  He's sometimes super sweet, adorable, and snuggly in the morning and other times seems to have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed (or maybe not gotten enough sleep?)  He usually comes straight to our room with his striped pillow, "soft" blanket, and "a friend" and climbs in bed with us
  • has the loudest, fattest feet, which, when running down the upstairs hallway at 6:30am, have gotten us a few emails from our tenant
  • loves his daily "yum-yum," his baby word for oatmeal that seems to have stuck
  • makes a ridiculous mess with his "yum-yum" (and any food for that matter)
  • raises our blood pressure to get him to complete all the steps of his morning routine
Jack, throughout the day,...

  • believes in the power of positive thinking and talks in a very affirmative, it's-going-to-happen way to try to make the things he wants, reality.  For example, (with lots of intonation) "Mom, I have A  - GREAT  -  IDEA!  If I don't take a nap, and Cora is still asleep, I can watch ONE Fireman Sam.  Okay?  Okay Mom? 
  • calls us Mom and Dad occasionally (and usually intentionally to get our attention)
  • is likely to be loud, drop something, spill something, or wake someone up
  • can be convinced at any moment to sit down and read a book
  • likes to help ("let me get the step stool Mommy") and likes to do things himself 
  • ALWAYS is up for a game of Fireman Sam involving wearing fire helmets and climbing on makeshift engines to respond to emergencies 
  • would always be happy to eat some cheese, nuts and raisins, or any type of fruit
Jack, at night,... 

  • would be thrilled if it's possible to fit in a bike ride or park visit before dinner
  • likes to say his school blessing "Open Shut Them..." before dinner
  • can be picky about his dinner
  • can be motivated to clean up all his toys by referencing The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room - he gets a lot of satisfaction about making his space as clean as the bear cubs' space and he does a very thorough and organized job!
  • brushes his teeth with chocolate flavored Theodent toothpaste
  • has, just for kicks, been sleeping with his head at the foot of his bed for the last few weeks
  • likes to read books, say prayers, have his back rubbed and a song sung to him, a night light turned on, and a kiss given all before bedtime
  • if he gets up at any point, MUST be tucked back in.  He will cry if you suggest himself tucking himself back in.  "But I don't know how to tuck myself in..."
Jack Speak This Week
  • "Actually..." - this is one of his favorite words and he says it about 20x a day 
  • (To Grammy) "Normally, when you're not here, I get to brush my teeth all by myself first"
  • (When offered Mickey when Minnie Mouse couldn't be found) "But I don't sleep with Mickey usually"
  • (When I walk in the room after hearing Cora shrieking and ask what's going on:) "Not really much..."
  • "Daddy...I have a GREAT idea..."

You are opinionated and have your "moments," but you are an amazing gift from God, have a beautiful spirit, and brighten every day.  We love you!

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