Saturday, June 08, 2013

Full is my heart

It's after 11pm and I should really go to bed, but I want to capture and record what is a very meaningful anniversary for me. Exactly one year ago right now, I was pretty much convinced that I was in labor.  I'd had regular contractions for much of the day and as I went to bed they were about every 10 minutes.  I was excited, but also didn't want to get my hopes up in case, once in bed, things slowed down.

But they didn't slow down and an intense, powerful, empowering night passed and we had our daughter. And now I'm crying thinking of what an amazing beginning that was for our family. Cora is such a beautiful, wonderful, happy little gift of a baby. Jacob and I (and usually Jack) are just so in love with her. She's nearly always smiling. She's so expressive. She's dramatic. She's funny. She's smart. She's loving. She's incredibly cute. She's increasingly determined and spirited.

It blows my mind to think of the amazing process of a baby being formed, born, growing, and changing. To know that one year ago, we had no real concept of this child.  And to know that we have no real concept of the child she will be one year from tonight. To look at Jack and see how much he's changed from the baby he was to the child he is now and to know the same will be true of Cora.  To know that the people they will one day become are being formed layer by layer by every one of their childhood experiences. I stand simply in awe of that process.  And so, so humbled by it.

This week has been a big one.  Cora took her first steps!  She took them to her daddy, going after the sippy cup he was holding up for her.  2 days later, she's taken as many as five at a time!  She also got her first ear infection. She also may now be saying "dog," "ball," and "baby," along with a lot of "uh-ohs" and "hi's".  She is intensely a mama's baby (as in don't even think about leaving her to go upstairs), but she lights up to 100 watts when she sees her daddy.

She is beautiful.
We call her "Flip" because of her sweet little hair do. 

I do a decent job of appreciating my children but I could do so much better. I'm grateful for birthdays and celebrations like tonight and tomorrow that give me the chance to refocus on what matters.

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Jessica said...

Happy birthday, Miss Cora! She is so beautiful in every picture! Maybe we can manage to catch each other in Florence at some point this summer!