Friday, May 17, 2013

The Many Faces of Jacob Landry

In any one week, Jacob Landry can be found:
  • managing the strategy team at the largest school district in Louisiana
  • tending the Landry farm: feeding the ducks and chickens, putting new plants in the ground, watering the vegetable garden
  • heading out to Tulane for Executive MBA courses (but NOT anymore, hello family Saturdays!)
  • selling eggs on Craigslist (the chickens' eggs that is)
  • participating in pretty much every New Orleans leadership fellowship/summit/weekend/happy hour
  • wrestling with a 3 year old or crawling around with an 11 month old
  • finding the very best deal on every single thing we need to buy
  • washing dishes, cooking, bathing children, reading bedtime stories
You don't have to tell me I'm a lucky woman.  Now he's not perfect or anything.  He doesn't do dirty diapers.  He will be the first to say that sentimentality is not his strong suit.  He stresses me out by nitpicking every trip I make to Whole Foods.

But he is such an awesome father; he really loves me and our family; he really cares about people.  He lives life fully and he makes sure I do too.

We've had some awesome adventures together with many more to come.  He is my co-pilot in this life.  I'm very proud of you Jacob as you add another couple of letters to your name. 

Happy Graduation Daddy!

Young Jacob wearing, yes, fake glasses
College-era Jacob

This guy's hair grows fast!  Jacob in France

He occasionally sports a mustache, mainly to annoy me!

My favorite Jacob Landry hairdo.

It's been fun (scary?) to see that Jack is turning into a jokester just like his Daddy.
Daddy Jacob

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Happiness Is... said...

This is the cutest post ever!! We will buy eggs from you! :)