Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First day of school pictorial

I think their thought processes were something like this:

Cora, just smile, they're not going to let us leave until you smile.

Little sis, what part of sit here and smile don't you get?  Trust me, I know how this camera thing works!

Wow, there's my wa-wa!

Hold up, this is a black lunchbox and it says "Jack."  Am I getting my brother's cast off lunchbox with the wrong color monogram?
The squinty eye smile
Nope, not quite it either

Ready for Year 2 in Waldorf's Nursery program!

Ready for her first day at the Child Development Program

No doubt Mommy has the worst first day of school jitters of anyone in this picture!

Daddy says he's not nervous, but he did check in several times for updates.

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