Thursday, February 13, 2014

Baby girl at 20 months!

I'm not sure when I'll stop thinking of Cora as a baby (but I do know it hasn't happened yet.)

This will be remembered as a COLD month.  This led to lots of indoor quality time with Jack and Cora.  At the top of the list: art projects (she loves stickers and gluing "gems"),

playing with letters and numbers (she likes to empty and refill the bags and carry her favorites around the house), and playing with her baby dolls (or Jack's stuffed animals.)

Her sleep struggles have shifted from nights to naps.  I'm now only getting up with her one time a night (and usually not until after 4:00), but Jacob says she still cries some earlier in the night.  (I've become quite adept at sleeping through crying.)  But all of the sudden she started having trouble going down for naps.  No trouble at school, but at home, we've had two weeks of mostly difficult days.  Sometimes it's because she poops after I've got her down and settled; other days I feel like I've missed her "window."  I've tried playing with the time, but that hasn't helped.  Her nap is shorter: now around 1.5 hours.  But she is ready to go bed around 6:30 and will sleep till after 7, with that one brief waking, so she gets the bulk of her sleep at night.

But this face gets everything forgiven!
She definitely knows more words (deer, yuck, cookie, button, one, and "MINE!" all come to mind), but she still tends to smile and use gestures, rather than words in most situations.  Her favorite book is "Good Night Gorilla" and it's the first book she picks out most days ("Yilla!")  She loves her "dankie" and pretty much requires it to go to sleep.  She LOVES to clutch things, but what it is she wants to clutch changes throughout the day.

Here with some stuffed animals and the number "0" at the library
 She also loves her brother.  She terrorizes him frequently, but just look at the way she looks at/up to him :)

We dropped her before-bed nursing this month.  It was as simple as having Jacob take over bedtime.  Cora cries for about 30 seconds when she realizes that she is getting neither mama nor mama's milk, but she settles down quickly for a book and rocking with daddy instead.  She is nowhere near weaned, which we're both happy about, but it does feel good to know we took the first step.

Baby girl at 20 months!  (She loves to steal my phone!)

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