Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Clocks, scary Candy Land, and toys Mommy likes

I have never had so much stuff in my life.  It took me most of January to wrestle the birthday and Christmas presents into a semblance of order.  I truly feel my kids could stay home for the next 334 days and not get bored.  (We got to test this theory lasts week on two "ice" days.)

Two ladies by the names of Beth Ann and Peggy are the reason for most of these presents.  I have to say they are both great shoppers, so I really like all of our presents from this year and years past, thus, I haven't been able to downsize.

Here are a few things we are having a good time with.

Fireman Clock

Jack loves this for obvious reasons but it has also been a great help in keeping him in his bed!  He knows that morning isn't here until the small hand (or the small "hose") are between the 6 and the 7.  And when he gets in his bed for rest, I tell him where the big hand will need to be before he can get out.  I don't hear a peep and then see a beaming, proud Jack arise at the appointed time!  Thanks Beth Ann (Grammy)!

Scary Candy Land

I loved this game as a child, but I remember it as being easier on the eyes.  The new version just scares me for some reason, but we still love playing it.  It's an easy game for a 4 year old and is simple and quick to play.

Easel and Art Box

The easel was on our wish list and MeeMaw (Peggy) generously gave this plus added in art supplies and smocks.  Jack and Cora love "art projects" on the pull down paper side.  Jack's favorite parts of the dry erase side are making schedules and using the "fire extinguisher" spray to get the board clean.  There is also a chalk board which we've been using to practice writing letters.

Since I knew art projects were in our future, I went searching for some cute boxes to store our supplies.  I found two striped wooden boxes at Marshalls for markers, chalk, crayons, etc.  I found another box at Marshalls and some desk organizers that I glued into the box.  This allowed me to fill this special "art box" with treasures: gems, pom poms, buttons, ribbon, feathers, and pipe cleaners (thank you Michaels).  This was my Christmas present to Jack.  I had fun assembling it and we've had fun using it for collages.

Doodle Book

I knew pre-birthday/ Christmas that I didn't need to buy any gifts (remember: generous grandparents), but it's fun to shop for your little ones, so I did pick up a few birthday gifts.  Shopping for your child is a little dangerous because you can't help but think about what YOU would like to play/do.  I couldn't pass up this doodle book because it seemed like a quiet, chill, artistic activity for me and Jack to do while Cora naps.  Mommy absolutely loves it!  Jack is game for a little while...oh well!

You start with blank shapes and an example and then doodle away

I asked Jack and Cora what their favorite toys were and here is what they said:

"Daddy's miniature cars" (found in Meemaw's attic)
Whatever random thing she is carrying around at the moment, here a car and a construction worker

 It is not lost on me that neither of these things were new or cost anyone any money!

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