Monday, January 27, 2014

Who said girls aren't good at math?

This is what has been cute around here lately...



JACOB so excited when he hears Jack listening to The Allman Brothers on our iPad...only to hear Jack run up the stairs with the iPad saying, "Mom, how do I get the Raffi songs on?"

JACK saying "Mom I don't think you were saying a lie when you said the sucker was strawberry, I just think you were mistaken."

CORA dancing, CORA clapping whenever I pee, CORA saying "No-no-no" with a wagging finger, CORA always reaching her hands out to the rest of us at the table to remind us to hold hands and say the blessing.

CORA's obsession with the #8.  We have a wooden set of numbers and a fabric set of numbers and I noticed she always seemed to be running around with the 8s.  Then the other day, she had the wooden 8 and had pulled the 8 out of our clock puzzle, convincing me it wasn't random.

My proof of her 8-affection and her cuteness:

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Steve Hayhoe said...

She is a doll-baby, Courtney! I love her sweet little voice.