Friday, January 10, 2014

Will I Remember?

As of yesterday, Cora is 19 months old!  

Having two children, I now know that YOU FORGET so much!  If you asked me what Jack was like at 19 months, I'd have to try to pull up events from that month to give me a reference point...and still I'm not coming up with much.  I certainly have lots of memories, but it makes me sad that I can't pull up more.

I started this blog when Jack was nearing 2 and prior to that, I wrote in a journal every month.  Each month, I pull this journal out to remind myself about Jack at Cora's age.  I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THIS JOURNAL!

Which makes me wonder - will I remember all the things that are CORA at this moment in her life?  Since it's likely these memories will be crowded out by whatever our present is at the time, let me record what I hope I remember.

At 19 months...

- Cora has sort of a precious mute thing going on.  Rather than talk, she lets you talk and then she just nods or shakes her head.  For example, "Cora, say book.  Do you want to read a book?  Say book"  And rather than say book (a word she knows) she just nods emphatically and smiles at you.

- With that same sweet innocent look, if you tell her not to do something, she's likely to keep looking at you sweetly and do that thing again, i.e. dropping her dinner on the floor, piece by piece, when she feels she's had enough.

- When she sits down to dinner in her high chair if her water hasn't arrived yet, she'll immediately say "Where wa-wa" with arms extended and hands upturned and an exaggerated turning of her head

- She hightails it to the door whenever Jacob gets home and gives him a bear hug.  He absolutely loves this and I'd say it makes his day, every day.

At Celebration in the Oaks
- When I pick her up from school, she bursts into a smile, clenches her hands, and squeals "Mama!!"

- She goes ballistic when I won't give her my car keys.  It is hard for me to remember she is a baby when she does this.  I HAVE TO START THE CAR CORA!  I used to be a real softie and would give her my keys while I got her and Jack settled...until the time that I had shut both car doors and she pressed LOCK with her and Jack inside.  She just smiled at me through the window compulsively hitting the lock button. Sadly, Jack was strapped in and couldn't reach her.  He was trying but she was yanking the keys away and making her "Ehh" offended sound.  Luckily she finally hit the unlock button and I got back in.  And then she was pissed again when I took the keys...

- Her sleep, I remember.  2-7 months: perfect sleeper!  Would wake once around 4 or 5.  Then months of rough patches and lots of night nursing.  Then back to the sustainable rhythm of waking to nurse between 5 and 6 and then going back to sleep.  And then at 18 months, a few beautiful weeks of sleeping from 7 to 7!  And then Christmas vacation.  And now she is waking 2-3 times a night and howling for mama.  At Jacob's mom's house, where we were all in one room, she just stood in the crib and screamed, reaching for me and saying "Mih, Mih, Mih."  That was last week.  We're working on it!

- Nursing: Despite the fact that I seem to be her only antidote in the middle of the night, I love nursing Cora.  And she does love her "mih."  Nursing a toddler has its own unique quirks and rewards: Cora has side preferences which she expresses strongly and which change depending on the day.  She thinks milk is yummy and there is no quicker way to break her heart than to tell her no.  She nurses 3-4 times a day at this point.

- She likes to carry random things around the house.  At my parents' house, it was a wooden knife.

- Speaking of security items, she loves her "dankie."  Luckily there are three identical ones.  One stays at school and we rotate the other two through the wash.

- This month she changed her brother's name from "Dja-Dja" to just "DJAH!"

I feel like Cora is making us work harder than Jack was at 19 months.  But then again, maybe that's because I can't really remember Jack at 19 months!

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