Sunday, January 05, 2014

2013 Christmas: In pictures and links

December 20th
- We drive halfway to our destination of Florence, SC (Grammy and Big Papa-land)
- Kids do great for first 6 hours.  Last 30 minutes was a little rough...
- Favorite memory: watching tired and cranky Jack and Cora light up like little explorers as we walk down the hotel hallway.  I love how for a child everything is an adventure!

December 21st
- We spend the morning at Atlanta's Imagine It! Children's Museum before driving the last 4.5 hours.

December 22nd
- "Jack, in SC you go to church twice on Sundays" :)  I was able to go to my childhood church for regular services and also for the community lessons & carols service.
- Favorite memory: Jacob and Jack baking bread together for dinner.  Ahh...vacation!

Icing Cookies

A Jack Creation
December 23rd
- Family Christmas with my dad's family
- Favorite memory: Jack pulling my 89 year old grandfather out of his chair in a game of hide and seek!  I love how he saw past his age and frailty and pulled him into the fun.

December 24th
- My mom is the consummate host. 

 We happily ate off this meal for days.

December 25th
- Santa is generous!
- Our family trains (one of which dates to the early 1950s) are a HUGE hit!
- Favorite memory: seeing Saving Mr. Banks with Jacob, my sister, and brother-in-law and my sister and I crying in sync throughout the movie :)

December 26th
- Made Jacob play the favorite family card game of Nertz.  He absolutely hates it.
- Favorite memory: playing Old Maid with Jack.  Has no bluffing skills as of yet.

Another new game to play: Pallina
December 27th
- Bye-bye babies!  Jacob and I kick off a four day brewery-restaurant tour of upstate SC/NC.

- Soby's in Greenville for dinner

December 28th
- Jacob tours breweries; I relax at coffee houses.  I tour Highland Brewing Co. with him in Asheville.
- This was a hit day for eating: Southern Culture for brunch in Greenville and Seven Sows Bourbon & Larder for dinner in Asheville.
- Asheville is just too cool.  On our last trip we went contra-dancing.  This time we just watched the clogging at Feed & Seed's FREE Saturday night gospel and bluegrass concert.

December 29th
- We are in a nice vacation rhythm: sleep in till 7:30, work out in hotel gym, late morning brunch, WHATEVER WE FEEL LIKE DOING, late evening dinner
- Dinner was another big hit: Cucina 24 in Asheville

December 30th
- After more eating (Early Girl Eatery in Asheville and Hunter Gatherer in Columbia with my aunt and uncle) we come home to our babies.  The red-head hasn't really missed us; the curly-head has, but both have had a blast.

Jack and Cora got to spend lots of time with their new cousin Billy
December 31st
- Spend most of the day trying to pack our greatly expanded belongings into our Toyota Prius
- Early birthday dinner with my family
- Favorite memory: Jack "keeping a secret" all day about the "carrot pie" he has made me for dinner.  Best line was at dinner after he'd spilled the secret in every way possible throughout the day: he leaned in front of me to "whisper" to my sister that "it's not really a carrot pie, it's a cake."

January 1st
- 12.5 hours from Florence, SC to New Orleans, LA (11 hours of that driving) - best possible day to drive - no one on the roads, kids do pretty well

January 2nd
- My Birthday!  Lunch with friends; bowling with Jack and Jacob at Rock n Bowl; dinner out with Jacob; free babysitting by Tante Sara....NICE

January 3rd
- Load up kids again to drive to Jennings, LA for Landry Christmas

January 4th
- Christmas in January with Jacob's side of the family - lots of good food and presents and a big New Orleans Saints victory at the end of the day

January 5th
- Cora has held us hostage for the last time on our holiday travels!!  This particular night included 3 extensive night wakings and up for good at 4:30 a.m.  We are SO ready to get her back to good sleep habits in her own room!  3 more hours of driving and the Landrys are ready for some quiet weeks at home after wonderful, but tiring, weeks of travel!

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