Wednesday, November 05, 2014

It's a ....

Indulge me for a second.

What were we hoping for you might wonder? Well, we happen to know firsthand that boys are pretty amazing:

as are little girls:

You might think girls are the more snuggly and loving gender, but I get amazing snuggles and acts of love and sweetness from both of these two:

My bedmate early this morning
A small sampling of the "loving cards" Jack has made me in recent weeks
So we were not hoping for one or the other.  We were just so curious to know who this new member of our family is.  Jack got to stay home from school today and come with us.  I got to introduce him to The Price is Right during our waiting room time and then he managed to sit (not entirely quietly) during our 20-week anatomy ultrasound scan.

And we saw this sweet little face:

A clear shot of his genitalia left no guessing.  IT'S A BOY!  Another sweet little Landry boy.  He was a "model fetal scan" and gave good looks at a full body of healthy parts. We are richly, richly blessed.


Leslie B. Gubitz said...

AMAZING!!!! So thrilled for the Landry Family!!

Katie Coburn said...

Yay baby boy no 3! We are excited to meet you!