Wednesday, November 26, 2014

23 Weeks Pregnant

Time for a little update on the bun cooking in this oven!

My nausea seemed to be mostly gone by 19 weeks and completely in the past by 20 weeks.  That was a long three months of not feeling well, but it's amazing how once it was gone, it seems so far in the past.  Amusingly, one of my first clues that I might truly have turned a corner was that I started wanting to eat dark chocolate after every meal.  After three months of very few desserts, I thought I might actually have been cured of my sweets addiction, but that is definitely not the case!  And just in time for the triumvirate of sweets holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!

From the day of the ultrasound at 20.5 weeks, I've felt the baby move on a daily basis.  Such an amazing experience!!  Since I hadn't really felt much movement before the ultrasound, I honestly was still in doubt that a real, live baby was going to show up on that monitor.  Seeing our little baby boy moving all around in the ultrasound images and now feeling him daily has finally pushed away my doubts that this pregnancy is going to lead anywhere but to a baby.

This past week Jacob felt baby boy move for the first time.  Jack has been so interested in my pregnancy and has patiently waited to see if he could feel, but it wasn't until today that he felt some kicks for the first time.  His little face lit up and it was so sweet to see that amazement in his eyes!  Cora has also been asking to feel, but I don't think she expects to actually feel anything.  She just laughs and says "no baby move!"  I think it'll take a big kick for her to make the connection but I'm sure that will come in the weeks ahead.

Overall, I feel great because I have a hearty appetite and I feel pretty spry and energetic.  My difficult time is at night as I require no less than six pillows to sleep comfortably (at one point it was four, but the number has been creeping upward lately).  I have a lot of soreness in my abdomen (ligament pain?) and lower back so rolling from side to side during the night has me moaning and groaning. 

After having lots of early contractions with Cora, I was expecting to have a similar experience this go-round.  I had occasional tightening sensations throughout my first trimester and starting at 19 weeks, I have had episodes of actual contractions.  In Cora's pregnancy, those started at 23 weeks and from that point on, I had at least a few every day until I delivered her.  So far this round, it's pretty similar, with a few days of no contractions, but the main difference is that the contractions I'm having now hurt more than they did last pregnancy.  Trying to change position during a contraction is hard; a few have made me yelp; walking during one is possible, but not comfortable. 

My overall sense is that this is just normal for me.  It was helpful to have had contractions for a week before my ultrasound because I was able to have my cervix measured during the ultrasound and there is no indication of any changes there.  My contractions with Cora never led to dilation or any change in my cervix, but while I know that, it's hard not to worry some with each new bout.  My philosophy is to just pay attention to whether there is anything different about any particular day's contractions and to stay aware for the list of other impending labor signs that my doctor gave me. 

I'm more than happy to grow nice and big this winter and let this baby hibernate and grow all the way until March.  Speaking of growing, my oh my!  The comments have started but so far I've not been offended because I'm thinking the same thought: "Seriously, not due until March?!"

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