Thursday, December 04, 2014


Well you know it's going to be a good day when the first thing you hear is...

"Mommy and Daddy - it's time for some birthday snuggles!" as the birthday boy runs into our room to jump into bed with us.

That about sums up Jack at five.  He's just a sweetheart.

I love celebrating this little guy.  His December 3rd birthday tends to fall at a crazy time as we typically travel for Thanksgiving and then come home to the rush of December, but we managed to pack a lot into this week, somewhat successfully (i.e. we (I) didn't get too tired and lose my temper too often).

Birthday eve had us out buying and decorating our Christmas tree, which the kids LOVED!

Birthday morning (post-snuggles) consisted of breakfast in bed and some presents.

Birthday school-day was a fun affair for Jack as he got to wear the birthday crown and cape, enjoyed birthday privileges (line leader and a special story), and got to bring in a special snack. We decided on yogurt with special toppings which Jack picked (kiwi, blackberries, pineapple, chocolate chips, and Craisins.)

Birthday afternoon was a Mommy-Jack affair as he accompanied me for the first time to a midwife appointment.  There, he got to measure my belly and hold the Doppler to hear baby's heartbeat.  Then we hand delivered birthday party invitations to the police and fire stations, hoping that some community heroes might be free this weekend to stop by Jack's birthday party.

Then some play time.  A few new toys make old toys more interesting.

Birthday dinner was pizza at church before choir practice.  Our church was offering pizza to anyone coming to choir or to help decorate for the holidays.  Jack loves his weekly choir practices and play time with friends, so this worked out great.  After sweetly telling a few people it was his birthday, he got a little amped and suddenly yelled out to some newcomers: "Say Happy Birthday to me!"  He's not perfect ;)

Birthday culmination was eating the kiwi-strawberry sorbet that Jacob and Jack had made together earlier and opening the final presents.

And wouldn't you know, Jack, who knew he wasn't actually five until sometime in the evening, called out from his bed "Am I 5 yet?" at exactly 8:38, the moment he was born.  So that got him some extra hugs and kisses.

We love this guy SO MUCH.  He's so smart, so loving, and such an interesting little fellow to spend our days with.

*The bandaid in all the pictures came from our book-loving little guy's excitement at the public library on Monday night, when he tripped and fell head first into the corner of the fish aquarium.  After a lot of blood and some super-caring assistance from our favorite librarian Ms. Jo, I managed to load both kids back into the stroller and walk home.  The cut didn't seem that deep, but since it was SMACK in the middle of his forehead, I wanted confirmation it didn't need some help to heal well, so I took Jack to Urgent Care where he got a good cleaning and a $25 bandaid :)

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