Saturday, December 06, 2014

A Party in Pictures

It is awesome to celebrate someone you love with such nice people!  Today, we celebrated Jack's 5th birthday with his 5th park birthday party.

5 parties, 5 years, 5 different parks.  All in December in New Orleans with a track record of four great 60s/70s weather days and one cold, misty day.  Today was one of the beautiful weather days!

Our invite list has varied some, from mainly our own friends to expanding to friends we've made through our children, to now a large group of these friends + Jack's great Waldorf class community.

A look back:

1st Birthday - he's maintained the great appetite

2nd Birthday - a double ear infection didn't slow him down!

3rd Birthday - it's all fire, all the time - and the fire truck visits the party!

Probably my favorite Mommy-Jack picture of all time

4th Birthday - we started at the NOLA Fire Museum

Our one cold birthday party, but still so much fun thanks to our friends' bounce house!

5th Birthday - it's Officer Jack this year

This kid has some awesome friends and they all had a blast playing together

Jack requested kiwi on his cupcake

A visit from Officer White - he said Jack's party came up in roll call today!

A visit from Captain Hennessey and the Magazine Station's Engine #1

The only thing we forgot to bring was extra clothes for Cora. (Diaper blowout)  In 75 degree weather, it didn't matter!

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Cajun Gal said...

~ "Happy Birthday Jack ~ You are a very lucky boy to have had such lovely birthday parties through your young life, as well as great parents who love you 'big as the world'. Granny hopes to see you for the "Leger Christmas". Love YOU much! Granny

~ 12/7/2014 ~