Saturday, December 20, 2014

And he shall be called...

Our little baby boy has a name!  It was the first one to be tossed out after we found out we were having a boy and it quickly started to just feel right.

  • When you have Jacob, Courtney, Jack, and Cora, you have to think about whether the new baby needed to follow suit with similar letters...

  • When you are on baby number three, "fitting in" with the other two names is something to consider...

  • But in the end, it pretty much just has to sit right with Mama :)

Jack, Cora, and Luke
So, he shall be called "Baby Luke".  Full name, to be determined! 

  • L for Luke means our names are all Js, Cs, and Ls when you include our last name
  • Jack and Luke = perfect in my book!  And, along with Cora, all classic, 4 letter names!
  • Once Mama was on board with Baby Luke, well, the rest is history.

And this is how Cora (currently and perhaps forever known as "Towa") talks to her little baby brother:

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