Saturday, January 10, 2015

Life Lately

December was so busy for our family, but in a great way.  I love the holidays and it has been fun with a now 5 and 2.5 year old to start bringing in our own family traditions.

There were daily holiday books under the tree thanks to a large collection of old/new Christmas/winter books from Jacob's and my childhoods + gifts Jack and Cora have received + secondhand books I've picked up.

Santa Mouse occasionally left presents tied to the tree.

Jack was the star (the actual star) in our church's Christmas pageant. Cora eagerly watched and has plans to be "an angel" next year. And Jack perked up for the rest of the month anytime one of "his" songs came on the radio.

We made and decorated cookies. This was something I loved doing growing up.  Now I wonder, did my parents put our cookies in their own special containers, so as to not actually ingest them?  That may sound horrible but if you'd seen our kids icing them, well...

Celebration in the Oaks

For the first time, we had our own Christmas (one day early) at our house.  Santa visited, the kids were excited and so cute in their little matching PJs, we had breakfast together, and lots of fun opening and playing with presents. 

Then we hit the road to go to Meemaw's house.  There was more fun with family, marred only by Cora getting sick and needing to go to Urgent Care on the 26th.

She then passed her bad cold to Jack.  And then both kids got ear infections to top things off.  But we are (nearly) recovered now and getting back into the swing of things and ready for 2015!

We sing the months of the year song in a special way over here and I think it's helped the kids order time and look ahead during the last few months toward what is to come.

January (point to Mommy as it's my birthday month)
March (point to belly - Luke's month) and
May, June (point to Cora), July and
August (point to Daddy)
September, October, November, and December (point to Jack)
Those are the 12 months of the year.

Whatever month it is we do another hand motion to indicate "now".  Well it's January and nearly halfway gone!  Time is passing!  30 weeks pregnant - this baby is 75% cooked!

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