Saturday, July 11, 2015

Eating what's fresh and available: FIGS

Jacob's standards are sometimes hard to live up to :)  That's not a criticism, that's just a fact. He likes us to eat healthy. I do too. He also likes to eat what's local, what's in season, what's economically priced, and ideally, what's already in our freezer. See what I mean?

I can get on board at times but we do have different tastes and I don't get as excited about fish, duck, and the weird looking local vegetable he found at the market.  (i.e. kolrabe - Google it.)

But when our own garden is producing something en masse, I can get excited. Right now, that would be figs and who doesn't like figs? (I'm looking at you, Cora.)

We are picking nearly a gallon of figs every other day. Jack is happy to feast out of the fig bowl and Jacob is keeping our dehydrator running. In true Cora fashion, she's happy to eat dried figs, but won't eat fresh ones.

My job is to find creative uses for our fresh and dried figs. Here is what we've done this season:


Whole Wheat Fig muffins with cream cheese centers - 12 muffins used 1 1/2 cups of our newly dried figs

Steel Cut Oats cooked in whole milk with four fresh figs per bowl

We gave our friends a pint and they made these fig and walnut pancakes !

Snacks - we eat them plain, fresh or dried 

Lunch - Prosciutto, Fig, Manchego Sandwich  (that hasn't actually happened but I want it to happen)


Pistachio and Fig Couscous (trying it this week)

pizza bianco with blue cheese, fig and balsamic

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