Sunday, July 05, 2015

Lots of pictures from a great month

I'm feeling a lot of emotions these days!  My time home with Jack, Cora, and Luke has been so precious to me.  March and April were a blur of adjusting to and taking care of a new baby.  May had its own challenges but lots of enjoyable moments on the ball field and enjoying the last few weeks of both Jack and Cora at school at Waldorf.
Jack's graduation ceremony
Then June!  It was an awesome month.  A week of Vacation Bible School (which I direct),

a week at the beach with my family,

and then two and a half weeks of Camp Landry, which was my answer to unstructured time at home.  We had such a good time being creative together and embracing empty days.

And now the craziness begins!  I started back to work last Wednesday and the next few weeks will be a busy time preparing for a new school year and juggling camp schedules.

My goal is to successfully balance working and mothering three.  I work part time and while that is a dream in many ways, the challenge can be compartmentalizing.  Not worrying about/missing kids while I'm at work; not thinking about work (i.e. checking emails or finishing things) while I'm at home.  I loved being able to be creative and planning fun activities during our weeks home.  I don't want to abandon that approach now that I'm working.  And it's not just my overachieving streak, afternoons generally go better when there is a plan. And I find that I get a lot of joy out of being creative and trying new things with Jack and Cora.

I don't want to be sidetracked, stressed, or distracted by the laundry, the mess, the misbehaviors, and I want to try to keep my focus on what matters.  Which would be Jacob and these three.

This was at Fontainebleau State Park yesterday on the Fourth, a day at the end of which Jacob said, "I know we did a lot of things today, but I'm still trying to decide if you'd call it fun or not."  Haha!  Driving, beaching, splash padding, abandoning splash pad because someone's kid pooped, more splash padding, lunching, sitting in the car while Daddy brewery-toured, somehow spending an hour in Academy to buy one thing, and then abandoning plan to see fireworks because we were pooped... life with kids!

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