Friday, December 18, 2015

Lutey Lou at 9 Months

The nicknames just won't stop!  When you have a little love bug, you just can't give him enough squishy names :)

He's a thumb sucker and it's so sweet.
This little one is still our baby. He's not hurrying to grow up and we're not rushing him for sure. He's the baby in his classroom and that helps accentuate his baby-ness to me.  He's been crawling for a month and is certainly curious about the world, but errs on the quiet and cuddly side.

Things Luke likes:

  • Me
  • My milk
  • Daddy (this was not meant to be in order, but Jacob would have to agree he ranks after my milk) :)
  • Jack and Cora (to a degree, but, hey, I get that) :)

  • Romanesco (Google it!)
  • Dried Figs
  • Earrings and hair
  • Exploring
  • Cora's gross and dirty Crocs (I swear there's a magnet on them)
  • His crib, he adores sleeping in his crib
  • Putting everything in his mouth
  • Bouncing in his newly acquired exersaucer - thank you kind friends!
  • Nighttime sleep - 12 hours every night without fail!
Things Luke doesn't like:
  • Being in the car for too long - he'll tolerate 20-30 minutes, but the hour long carpool commute can push him to his limits.  Or maybe it's just the insanity of being surrounded by 2-4 loud children while having to ride backward in a moving vehicle while wearing what equates to a straight jacket. It's understandable.
  • Diaper and clothes changes. He's always trying to get away and definitely displays no appreciation for how high up he is.
  • Settling down for a nap in his daycare crib. He insists on being nursed or rocked to sleep at school - the complete opposite of his independent self at home where we lay him down awake and he puts himself to sleep.
  • Tomatoes and oatmeal - these have been consistent no's, but there's no way he can be a Landry and not eat oatmeal, so we'll keep trying.
Luke is watchful and aware, often quiet and observant. He is calm; he is easy; he is just a joy. When he's not with us, he's happy and independent and comfortable in his classroom.  He has a very loving teacher and he's developed a bond with her that I love to see. 

His tricks are clapping his hands and waving (and saying?) hi.  

We love watching him manhandle his foods, awkwardly shifting chunks from hand to hand and stuffing them in his mouth :) It is a gross and messy eating stage, but while we don't have a dog, we do have a Jack and there's not much you can do to a piece of fruit that takes it past the point where Jack wants to eat it. Jacob and I are routinely grossed out by this but it's convenient and efficient nonetheless :)

We can't get enough of Luke and I am definitely soaking up and appreciating this baby time.

20 lbs, 8 oz of love

Luke on the go

The sticker really intrigued him

Merry Christmas!

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