Sunday, December 27, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

The last half of 2015 has been pure on crazy. I'm happy to say that we were able to slow down enough to enjoy the Christmas season, though it was definitely our craziest. I really hope we can figure out how to slow our lives down in 2016.

Here are the highlights:

1st Sunday of Advent - MeeMaw and Mattie visit

Owen Family Sugar Cookie Tradition - Santa Mouse brings us all natural food coloring :) :)

Christmas Pageant at church - Cora is a cow; Jack is the Innkeeper

Thank you Grammy for my Santa bib!

Christmas pajama party for the babies and toddlers at ReNEW

Eating the jingle bells

Decorating my Christmas tree, I mean, daughter

1st Annual Urban South Christmas Party

Celebration in the Oaks tradition

It's crazier this year for some reason

Cora at the Nativity

A beautiful moment of calm with some Christmas books (our dying tree in the background) :(

We purchased a new minivan this month!! And then drove it 11 hours (over 25 hours) to Florence, SC to spend Christmas with my full family (all siblings returned for Christmas in Florence for the first time in 13 years!)

Can't forget to pack the baby!

The new spacious ride (the kids were very excited about the DVD player)

The trains!
Christmas brings families together :)  GGDaddy and his only great granddaughter (so far)
A full living room with grandparents, four siblings, 3 spouses or spouses to be, 4.5 grandkids, 1 grand dog

So much excitement!

Uncle Chris was much adored by Jack - common interests: LEGOs and Star Wars

Cora's imagination helps her incorporate all her new toys at once

Luke during his 3 hour Christmas morning nap

Jacob trying to catch a nap during a present break

Cora and Billy are little buddies

Taking my baby outside naked in the 80 degree Christmas weather

Cora in her styling new bike helmet doing some art with Big Papa

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