Sunday, July 17, 2016

16 Months: World traveler and all that

So, without asking our permission, Luke is now 16 months! Judging by his happy demeanor, I'd say he has loved this last month of life.

The month started with lazy days at home together.  This gave him lots of time to nap in his own bed where he continues to prove himself to be a child who loves sleep! He still takes twice daily naps usually lasting a total of 4 hours or more and sleeps a solid 11+ hours at night!

Then there was the New York City trip!

Luke and I flew to NYC and met up with my mom who watched him while I attended the Teacher's College Summer Reading Institute. The conference was great as was the special dynamic of time with my mom and time with my baby. We all enjoyed each other's company. *Luke did show us that he's not always a perfect sleeper as he would just stand and grin at us from his pack n play until we eventually turned out all lights and the TV around 9:30 each night. So much for staying up to watch a movie!

  • Luke and I then admirably handled parting from each other on the street in NYC as he drove away (unbuckled, sitting in my mom's lap) in a taxi to the airport. My anxiety levels decreased each time I heard he'd safely made it to the next destination. My mom further proved herself an amazing grandma as she donned the Ergo and took Luke on the taxi, two flights, a long layover, and an hour drive home. Go Grammy! And Go Luke as he's proven to be a much easier flying companion than his big sister Cora!
  • Luke then got to experience life as both the only child AND the only grandchild staying with my parents for 3 days while the big kids, Jacob, and I enjoyed a weekend vacation in NYC and while Luke's cousins were also out of town. Every third child/fourth grandchild should get to experience being solo at some point!  My parent's awesome one floor house and huge suburban yard tipped Luke over from half walker-half crawler into full time walker. There have been Owen babies toddling around that house for nearly 60 years at this point!
  • Then there were a few days of pure chaos when 5 grandkids descended on my parents' house, ages ranging from 5 weeks to 6 years. Luke got to meet baby Owen who, at 14 months younger, will undoubtedly be Luke's great friend one day.  This was a super helpful experiment because my baby sister is getting married in September in Wyoming and we all realized we are going to need an on call babysitter if the adults want to actually be able to have a conversation!
Luke and Owen
Grammy with all her grandkids minus Luke who was napping
I flew home alone with 3 kids!  All went smoothly except that unplanned 2 hours sitting on the runway bc of weather!

Luke then returned to his home, his crib, and his ducks and is very happy to be here. Now that he's a full time walker he's really discovering our outside space. When I say "Luke, do you want to put on your shoes and go outside" I can expect to find him standing by the door with shoes or "zuh" in hand.

There have been so many sweet moments of the month. The best has been Luke's habit of laying his head on my shoulder multiple times during the day - not just when he's tired. It's his way of reconnecting with me and I LOVE IT!

We still have our nightly routine of saying good night and touching special things in his room and he's back to letting me lay him down and blowing me a kiss as I leave. Jacob and I've talked about weaning him from his before bed feeding just so Jacob can get in on this sweet routine.

He's still nursing 4 times most days, but I can see how we'll be at 3 feedings soon. I consider these the glory days of nursing. It's easy, convenient, and the sweetest point of connection between the two of us.

Luke is officially the third Landry lover of books (or I guess the fifth). We read three books any time I'm putting him down for nap or nighttime and he'd be happy to read more. A lot of his language development has solidified through the things he sees in his favorite books. Our favorite new words:
  • animal sounds!  He can do a duck, dog, cat, cow, sheep, bee, snake, and lion.  And he's the world's gentlest lion, such a sweet little snarl.
  • "how" for house, "eh" for egg (both in a book and the ones we retrieve daily from the chicken coop), "Papa" for Big Papa (who after his visit Luke will now name when he sees his picture), "tar" for the star on his favorite blankets, which he drags around after him :)
And Luke conquered his fear of elevators.  Yes, apparently it's possible for babies to have such fears because Luke always got very anxious, squirmy, and whiny when we'd ride the elevator at the doctor's office, but after our New York week, he would point to the hotel room door at the mention of getting to ride the elevator, excited to try it again.

His appetite is also much better this month and he's been trying new dishes: lasagna, red beans and rice, okra, and cream of wheat while still randomly holding out on some foods (no peaches, canteloupe, pineapple, or much meat as of late.)

This whole family is so thankful for such a sweet and gentle child to love and experience all the first with!

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