Tuesday, July 26, 2016

If ever there were a time to talk politics...

You've heard the saying there are certain things you just don't bring up with family and friends. Politics is on that list. But if there was ever a time where frank talk was needed and subjects addressed head on, I'd say that time was now!

Of course we each have the right to our own opinion. But just because our opinions differ, I'm not sure that means we should just ignore important subjects. As grown-ups, we should be confident enough to listen to opposing views and mature enough to do so politely.

And I think we have an obligation to share our thinking when it matters. And who we elect for our next President matters a lot. As a parent of three precious, innocent, young lives, I feel great responsibility.

So I'm talking politics, friends!

I watched some of the Republican National Convention last week and saw Donald Trump accept his nomination. And it scared me. Rather than proposing any way forward, I heard only scare tactics and verbal attacks. And I have been horrified and dismayed to read and watch his comments about all kinds of people over the last year. This is not a man who should lead our country. A vote for Donald Trump would be a vote for a more hateful America and who wants that? I know our children don't deserve that.

Last night I watched the opening night of the Democratic National Convention and heard Michelle Obama speak.

I get that there are lots of awesome people who could never have imagined voting for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton and now aren't quite sure what to do.

If you are undecided or conflicted about how you will vote in November, please watch Michelle Obama's heartfelt speech as a mother and as someone who gets the responsibility of the office of President.

It's an excellent use of 15 minutes!

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