Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Reasons to love Jack, Cora, and Luke

There are many but these are reasons from this week!


- Jack loves, loves our weekly library trip and had read 4 full books, including a chapter book, within hours of getting home.  Jacob bought him a clip on light for his bunk bed so he doesn't kill his eyes with his late night reading.

- We are working on responsibility right now and after a complete fail on Monday morning being ready for his carpool ride, Jack rocked it on Tuesday, bounding into our room at 6:30am fully dressed and with his bed already made.  He even had put his socks by the stairs.

- In the Waldorf Kindergarten, each child has a symbol that labels their chair, drawing book, cubby, etc.  I saw Cora's symbol was a purple flower but I didn't recognize the flower.  When we were in the grocery store, I asked Cora if she could point out her flower. She said, "Oh I asked Ms. Heidi the name, my symbol is a Never Forget Me" :) :)  We've said the correct name several times but it's not sticking.  To Cora, the flower is still a "Never Forget Me."

- Tonight, in an impromptu sports session on the porch, Cora said "I'm the Saints!" then proceeded to grab a baseball bat, hit a wiffle ball as if it was a golf ball, and then yelled "Goal!"

- Luke now grabs my legs and lays his head on my legs or in my lap.  :) :)  His hugs are the best.

- Luke's bedtime routine continues to be the highlight of my day. He's so sweet, so cute, and so entirely into every element of the routine from commanding "Yight!" for me to turn on the lamp to "Door!" to make sure the door is shut, "book!" until we've read all 3 of his books, and "Dat" and pointing to exactly where he wants to sit/be or what he needs.  He cracks me up.

- When I was putting Luke down tonight, we hear a crash and Cora wailing downstairs.  Luke stops nursing and says "Tota!" So we went down to check on her together.  I love to see his awareness and empathy developing.

I love these three.

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