Monday, September 19, 2016

My baby is 1.5

This has been a big and bad month for Luke!

Big because he went on a 10 day Jackson Hole trip!

Bad because he doesn't sleep well outside of his own bed and because he hasn't found a dangerous item he doesn't like!

I think this is a challenging age because a 17-18 month old is capable of getting into everything but seemingly unaware of danger and seemingly incapable of hearing No. Luckily it's also a super cute age :)

Dangerous things Luke has (repeatedly) gotten his hands and mouth on this month: credit cards (great for teething), Toilet Bowl cleaner (also great for teething, UGH!), lamps, small gems, medicine bottles, crayons, pens, markers, toilet paper, DVDs, CDs, the diaper pail, the toilet brush, the toilet, the stairs to Jack's bunk bed. It's exhausting, right fellow toddler parents?!!!

Luke likes to dump out this basket so he can get to the Candy Land box because he likes to chew on the game pieces.
I am trying to be mindful of my patience as Jack and Cora are seeing me lose my cool with Luke and I want them to be able to balance keeping him safe without yelling at him or snatching things away. The last thing a toddler needs is more frustration in his life!

Luke about drove Jacob and I crazy on the Jackson trip. He was all like "Hey sis, why don't you take a few nights off from being the crazy Landry family sleeper, I want to take a turn in the spotlight." So while Cora slept like a champ in the crisp WY nights, Luke held us hostage as our roommate. He apparently hated his pack n play and would wake up screaming and yelling for Mama! He was close enough to our bed that he could grab our feet. We tried to ignore him but the screams would not stop. We tried to put him in our bed but a queen bed and a thrashing toddler sleeper meant no one was sleeping. We tried having one of us sleep on the couch but then Luke ended up falling out of the big bed.  Three times. After several nights of hours of crying, we finally found success by having one of us sleep with him on the pull-out couch barricaded in by pillows. Luke Landry, the last thing we need is a third strong willed child ;)

Beyond those nights, Luke is a happy guy. He loved spending time with his extended family, especially his Papa and his "babble" (new baby cousin Owen). He frequently says "walk!" asking to be put down and he earned the nickname "The Wanderer" because every time he was outside, he set right off for new territory. He got to see deer through the condo window, walked right past a moose, and was able to pet several horses. He learned the word "mountain" and got to use "sky" and "tree" a lot too. He has learned to say his teacher's name "E-ya" for Larita and ran to her with a bear hug on his first morning back home.

He's talking more and more and likes to name and point to body parts. He's been super into singing this month and signs and says "More!" when I finish a song which just makes his mama feel great :) He likes an assortment of lullabies and made-up jingles; his current favorite song is Old MacDonald Had a Farm.

He's always on the move!

And he's growing some hair!  Some days I see a hint of red and lately I've been seeing a curl.  I wonder if he'll favor more Jack or Cora as he grows.
Not willing to stop for a picture :)


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