Saturday, November 26, 2011

9 weeks!

9 weeks pregnant! (11/26/11)

I'm still feeling sick but it's a little helpful right now because I'm at the point in pregnancy where there is a disconnect between the knowledge that I am pregnant and any physical confirmation of that fact. What I mean by that is, according to the books I now have a grape sized tiny baby inside of me, with 10 little fingers and 10 little toes, but I can't feel that baby, I don't really look pregnant, and I haven't had an ultrasound to give me visual proof. So the constant sickness helps me believe that I actually am pregnant!

I'm still VERY excited about this baby despite the first trimester side effects. As I watch Jack grow and develop into this personable, bright, loving child, it's amazing to know I'll get to experience all that joy again with another baby - and that that journey has already started! I have a phone ap that gives me daily pregnancy updates and which has some great little videos to detail the journey. Jake and I watched the "First 9 Weeks of Pregnancy" video last night and it's crazy to see how a ball of cells turns into a tiny human in such a short time frame!

We are now T-minus two weeks for the big move and I'm so excited, albeit bracing myself for a month of craziness. It's been fun to visit the new house and watch it take form. I love that Jack has had so much exposure to it and how it's been a form of preparation for the change of the move. He is going to love this bigger, more spacious home with all its new opportunities for adventure. Our yard is literally a construction site, but EVENTUALLY it will be awesome to have an outdoor spot for Jack to play.

Jack is being a good sport about these Jack/belly pictures, but added in the school bus to make it more fun.

Week Nine Stats:

How I know I'm pregnant: still pretty constant nausea, complete exhaustion at times, and I've started waking at least once in the night needing to pee

Diet: still oatmeal and OJ, followed by apples, rice cakes and peanut butter usually, and then a normal dinner - this week we had dinner brought by friends + dinner out + 3 holiday meals/leftovers, so that helped with my utter lack of interest in planning/preparing a meal; still not all that interested in sweets and turned off by certain foods

My healthy pregnancy intentions for last week (how I did):1) Get my labwork done. ()
2) Continue to research baby boy names. ( - Jake and I took a look at my initial list and narrowed it down to about 15 possibilities)
3) Take advantage of week off and get good rest (while also getting a LOT done for the new house/move/Christmas shopping). (3/4 check - got good rest and got close to half of my Christmas shopping done and packed the first boxes for the move)
4) Get vegetables back into my diet. (X - sadly, no)
5) Make sure I'm not neglecting my husband like I have these past few weeks. (half check - we went on a date and we spent a good bit of quality time together over break but I've definitely still been short tempered at times and am still spending a lot of time lying on the couch!)
*Bonus: I got my flu shot.

My healthy pregnancy intentions for this week:
1) Email our HR director to get information about maternity leave
2) Make a daily to do list so I can stay on top of the move + get ready for Jack's birthday (!!) while still making sure I'm getting rest
3) Go to bed before 10:00 every night
4) Try to vary what I'm eating some to get more nutrients in

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Kimberly said...

Congratulations, Courtney! I suspected you were pregnant, but I couldn't find anything to confirm (unless I missed an announcement). Hopefully the first trimester "yuckiness" will go away soon and you'll have smooth sailing throughout the rest of this pregnancy. Jack is going to be a great big brother!!!