Saturday, November 12, 2011

7 weeks!

7 weeks! (11/12/11)

Well 7 weeks definitely feels better than 6! I'm still nauseated but it is NOTHING like how I felt last week. I'm proud to say I went to work every day this week and generally held it together despite some rough afternoons of not feeling well. I've been fortunate in that I seem to feel the worst after lunch and in the evenings, which line up with when Jack is sleeping. So I've been doing a lot of couch sitting and sleeping myself. In bed at 8-something + a daily nap - Jake is just loving this, let me tell you!

I noticed a definite positive shift on Thursday, so I hope it continues!!! I cannot wait until the day when food is actually appealing again! I have a pregnancy by the week book that I've been rereading this go round. Our baby has doubled in size in this past week and is now the size of my fingernail (1/2 inch long), so there is a definite positive aspect of the side effects.

We'll be going for our first appointment this Thursday. We are switching to the local midwifery practice this time. We liked our obstetrician last time but in principle, I believe I'm a great candidate for a midwife assisted birth. I'm young, healthy, and have had one uneventful pregnancy. In general, I believe birth has become over-medicalized in our society, and I think it makes more sense for me to be cared for by a midwife, especially since my goal, again this time, is to deliver naturally, without any medicine or interventions if possible. I also CANNOT imagine taking Jack to monthly and then weekly doctor apptmts. where we wait 90-120 minutes which was our experience last time. I have 3 good friends here who delivered with the midwives and all of them have stressed how family friendly their practice is. This is great as I want Jack to be very much a part of this pregnancy and to learn what is happening with "Jack's baby."

In other news this week, I am now showing! Holy cow - at 6.5 weeks?! But no doubt, my pants are tight and there is a definite lower belly pooch (see exhibit A below). We haven't really started telling people here and don't plan to for a few more weeks, so we'll see if I can hide the pooch for now.

Jack continues to be a great sport for his lazy mom. He gives his baby daily kisses and now says "Hi baby, how are you?" (to which I say, "I'm good, how are you Jack" which he then repeats :) ) He does have his second ear infection in 3 weeks, so he is needing a little extra loving this weekend.

Week Seven Stats:

How I know I'm pregnant: baby bump!, the around the clock nausea, constant fatigue, a little sensitivity up top :)

Diet: depressing: lots of bananas with some grapes and apples; bread, a little PB, some soup, oatmeal, and orange juice (the one thing that still sounds 100% good to me)

My healthy pregnancy intentions for last week (how I did):
1) make sure I'm keeping at least some food down at every meal (after last weekend, I've eaten at least something every meal)
2) stay positive bc I know this sickness is temporary and is going to lead to a wonderful baby (I give myself an A- here - I'm really excited for this baby - just longing to feel better so I can enjoy it more!)

My healthy pregnancy intentions for this week:
1) Write down any questions I have before our Thursday appointment.
2) Keep the pregnancy quiet for at least another week at work.
3) Try to diversify what I'm eating bc I think I'll feel better with healthier, more varied foods in me.
4) Keep going to bed early and making time for afternoon naps.
5) Get back to researching baby boy names.

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