Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12 weeks pregnant

12 weeks pregnant (12-21-11)

A quick post...
- We are all pretty overwhelmed right now 3 days post-move. There are boxes and dust everywhere and not everything is functioning in our almost-ready new house.
- For Jacob, lots of settling bills, resolving issues, doing all the heavy lifting and cleaning, all while trying to work.
- For me, lots of trying to accomplish unpacking and cleaning with a 2 year old literally clinging to my legs, not napping, and fighting me every step of the way.
- For Jack, an ill-timed love/hate spike in his relationship with his momma: i.e. he wants me all the time but whenever I pick him up, he slaps me in the face.

We are a mess to say the least. There have been tears and some comments I'd like to take back (did I really just tell my child that I don't want to be his friend anymore??). I'm trying to snap out of it today bc this move is a good thing, this chaotic period will soon pass, and there are other families with real problems.

I am so grateful to several local friends who took Jack for playdates this past week. Thank you Katie, Jeffrey, Toy, and Jill!!! And to Michael and Morgan for dinner!! And to my mom, who keeps picking up the phone even though she knows I'm probably going to cry or launch into yet another what do I do question.

Yes, I'm still pregnant, although the poor baby is probably thinking - oh man, I'm not sure I want her for my mommy :( On a happier note, we had our 12 week apptmt. and got to hear a beautifully strong heartbeat!!

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