Saturday, March 17, 2012

26 weeks

26 weeks pregnant (3/17/12)

So baby girl is baby Cora :) I've liked this name all along and Jack and I've been calling my belly "baby Cora" since pretty early on. Jacob wanted to wait till we knew whether we were having a girl or boy to talk about names. We then knew she would be Hana (our girl name for Jack) or Cora and we gave it a few weeks to marinate. During this time, Jack, who has inherited his dad's joking gene, would alternately call the baby Hana or Cora and laugh bc he knew it was funny to be indecisive. He would also say "we have to pick one name" echoing what we were saying.

The idea for Cora came from seeing an uptown street named Coralie back a year or so ago. Coralie was a little too different for me, but it gave me the idea of Cora and I like how it's a little old fashioned, which, to me, makes it timeless and classy. And I love how Jack says it: "Baby Co-wa."

Middle name TBD, though we have some ideas.

I've still been having contractions, but possibly a little bit less (though I don't want to jinx myself). I saw my midwife on Tuesday and there was no change or dilation so the contractions are continuing NOT to cause labor. I'll see her again next week along with a follow-up visit to a new fetal medicine specialist.

Week Twenty-Six Stats:

How I know I'm pregnant: this week brought together several discomforts making me feel very pregnant and a little overwhelmed that I'm not due for 3 more months. I definitely want her to stay in until June, but I'm starting to get worried about how pregnant in May and June is going to feel in New Orleans!

My healthy pregnancy intentions for last week
(how I did):

1) Continue to make conscious effort not to overdo it (yes - to the point that I was getting a little stir crazy at times)

2) Go to bed before 10 since I'm having trouble sleeping (yes - am now noticing a few contractions in the night + backache + full bladder = interrupted sleep)

3) Let my parents spoil me/us during their visit next weekend and take advantage of some extra couch time :) (Yes! We are having a great visit. We went out to dinner on Friday night, to the zoo on Saturday, Jacob and I went out on a nice date Saturday night, and we went to church/brunch today. Jack is having a blast and I've not done any baths, minimal lifting, no cooking, etc.)

My healthy pregnancy intentions for this week:

1) Do all four of my Bradley exercises at least 2 days. Right now I'm only doing the pelvic tilts.

2) Cook 4 healthy meals.

3) Attend 1 day of the La Leche League Gold Standard conference here in New Orleans as I pursue accreditation as a LLL leader and prepare to breastfeed another baby.

Some pictures from this weekend:

Jacob and me after a fabulous date at Sweet Olive

Updated Landry family photo in front of the new house

Jack with his Big Papa and Grammy

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Christina said...

You're looking great! And I love the alliteration of 'Jake and Jack' and now 'Courtney and Cora'. Great names!