Sunday, March 25, 2012

27 weeks

27 weeks pregnant (3/25/12)

Because what I really want to say is:

This pregnancy is hard! How can it be possible that I was exactly 3 months from my due date this week?! My belly is so big, how can I have 3 more months? My back feels like it is broken. My abdomen is sore and I have shooting pains. It hurts to walk, stand, sit, and lay down in most positions. And I've now been having daily contractions for a month!

I'm actually going to make myself respond to this question: What do I like about being pregnant?

I like feeling baby Cora move even though even after multiple ultrasounds I still have no clue what body parts I'm feeling. I like the anticipation of her arrival and imagining what she'll look like and how it will feel to have a baby again. I like imagining what it will be like when Jack meets her and how their relationship will grow over the years. I like thinking about my maternity leave and the simpler life we'll be able to lead when I won't have as many competing priorities.

In hindsight
, Jack's pregnancy was definitely easy compared to this one + I think your subsequent pregnancies will always seem a little harder bc you don't have as much freedom and flexibility to rest and relax when you are tired or not feeling well. I think this week will be easier bc the backache did start to ease today, so here's hoping the next 3 months won't feel like the last 3 days!

Week Twenty-Seven Stats:

Weight Gain: 15 lbs

Baby Size: I got the slightly frightening insight that Cora continues to measure big - (based on her ultrasound she was 2.5 weeks further along than my due date; but she can't actually be, so it means she's just big.) The ultrasound calculated her weight as 2 lbs 13 oz, making her in the 97th percentile of babies at this gestational age. So it looks like she got the Owen height genes like her brother!

Contractions Update: I met with the different fetal medicine specialist and he affirmed what I think is common sense at this point - since it's been 4 weeks and there has been no change in my cervix, I shouldn't be overly concerned about the contractions bc we have clear evidence they aren't actually doing anything (except bothering me!)

My healthy pregnancy intentions for last week (how I did):

1) Do all four of my Bradley exercises at least 2 days. Right now I'm only doing the pelvic tilts. Yes!

2) Cook 4 healthy meals. No, it really was a hard week with a lot of pain, so I just cooked twice early in the week and then we did take out.

3) Attend 1 day of the La Leche League Gold Standard conference here in New Orleans as I pursue accreditation as a LLL leader and prepare to breastfeed another baby. Yes! I'm hoping to actually be accredited by the time Cora is born, so I'm going to try to complete the remaining steps in the next month or so.

My healthy pregnancy intentions for this week:

1) Start reading Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way to get a refresher on what we learned the first go-round

2) Do all 4 Bradley exercises three days this week

3) Get my glucose screening and my shot of Rhogam since I'm RH-negative


Jessica said...

I completely agree with you about subsequent pregnancies--I was definitely more tired and achy this time, even though this past (I can't tell you glad I am to call it "past") pregnancy was just as uncomplicated and relatively easy as the first.

Thank you for the article you emailed too! The transition has been nothing like I expected!

Annie said...

Courtney!! I miss you! I love the name Cora!! I can't wait to meet her. Also, so exciting about La Leche league!!