Monday, June 18, 2012

The First Week

June 17, 2012

First off, Happy Father's Day to our favorite daddy!  Your babies love you and I am so happy we are in this parenting thing together!!

Cora's first week has passed quickly.!  I could just sit and hold her all day.  She literally only sleeps and eats.  We are still waiting for her to really wake up.  She sleeps until it's time to eat and then she falls asleep while she is eating.  Changing her diaper is used to wake her up to eat/finish eating.  She seems to have a handful of awake times besides this pattern where we get to see her dark blue eyes as she stares wide eyed around at her world.  Almost all her pictures thus far are of her sleeping because that truly is all she does!

Cora during a rare awake moment

Jack on the other hand is operating at a Jack Landry Level 10.   He is high energy and enjoying the onslaught of attention from grandmothers, grandfathers, and aunts.  He loves visitors and will ask them to read him a book before too long.  My mom has been INVALUABLE this week getting up with Jack in the morning, feeding us all meals, doing laundry, taking Jack places, and keeping him entertained.  He actually napped every day but one, so that has been a blessing and hopefully one that will continue when Grammy leaves...???

Just a note - I love that Jack loves to read.  Who wouldn't love this trait?  But now there are others who understand how you can actually get tired of reading.  "Grammy, I want to read 4 books...Grammy, do you want to read this book?....Grammy, can we read a nummy book?"  He would read 100 books a day if he had willing adults.  My mom and I both laughed when my dad arrived and Jack said, "Big Papa will you read me this book?" and Big Papa good naturedly said "Sure Jack".  "Fresh meat" we were thinking.  We'll see how many books it takes before Big Papa also starts negotiating the act of reading.  (Seriously though, I'm so glad Jack loves to sit quietly and listen to stories and that he loves books so much, I think it's more the need to have constant entertainment that is tiring!)

He also likes to play in the dirt, so he loved continuing to help with the landscaping projects:

Here's a look at what Cora has been up to during her first week


Kimberly said...

Courtney! She is so precious and I couldn't get enough of her "snoozing" pictures on FB. I'm so glad you are all doing well and getting lots of snuggles from your precious Cora!

Jessica said...

I LOVE HER! Cora is beautiful!! Enjoy the sleepy phase and snuggle her as much as humanly possible!