Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mother of Two

Okay, so my last post might have been a little melodramatic (or "desperate sounding" as Jacob said.)  While I am still in awe of just how HARD it is to be responsible for two little lives, I'm pretty pleased with how my first week home alone with Jack and Cora has gone.

In all honesty, there were moments where the word drudgery was coming to mind.  Another poopy butt to wipe, diapers needing washing/drying/folding, time to pick up another room, the monumental effort required to get going somewhere...  But I got a healthy dose of perspective this week when I remembered that parenting is all about shepherding children from tiny babies to happy, productive adults and that all stages will be brief.  This thought helped me remember that it would be smarter to focus on what I like about each phase rather than being overwhelmed by the harder aspects as I know I will miss each phase once it's past.

And there have been so many wonderful moments this week.  Cora still sleeps a good bit, so I've gotten to spend a lot of quality time with Jack, which has been really special.  We've had several breakthroughs.  First, he's pooping in the potty!!  After months of trying to get him to do this, something clicked last weekend and now he's going on his own initiative.  (And I mean the child is going!  4, 6, 9 times a day - no lie!)  Second, after meltdowns when it was time to go home on our first two outings out, I started talking to him about how important it is for him to be willing to go when Mommy says it is time, how this is part of being kind to Mommy and helping her.  We talked about how the right response is to say "okay, Mommy" and by golly the child did this on Friday when we left the Parenting Center.  It was surreal!  It's been followed by an "okay Daddy" departure and we are hoping to hear it a lot more!

We've fallen into a nice routine this week during the day.  Jacob has been getting up with Jack so that Cora and I can sleep in a little longer.  After I feed Cora, little J and little C and I pile into the double BOB and go on a walk/errand.  Jack brings a breakfast snack and a book and when those are gone, we play I Spy.
A wide load

Once home, Jack then plays while I eat breakfast.  Then we spend an astonishingly long chunk of time working to get all of us ready and Cora fed again.  Every day at this point, we went somewhere (doctor's apptmt., Parenting Center, library) so that Jack could have a change of scenery and some fun.  We come home for lunch for all of us and then I put Jack down for his nap (50% success rate).  I then straighten up from the disaster of the night before (dirty diapers and clothes dropped by the bed).  I got a nap one day, but Cora tends to want me during Jack's nap/quiet time.  After nap/quiet time, Jack and I have been dancing/reading/puzzling/coloring (except for the one day I was pretty much passed out on the couch and he just destroyed the house around me).

During my "nap", I especially like the basket on the side table
Jacob's been trying to get home at a reasonable time and we've gotten to share Cora with friends who have dropped by after work. After dinner and Jack's bedtime routine, I start prepping for the night ahead (diapers and extra clothes by the bed, dirty diapers in the wash, get ready for bed) before Cora wants to eat so that I am ready for bed right when she is.

Evening Routine: that blue ball is a small child having tummy time while Daddy does homework
Night time is another post, but with 3 or 4 nighttime feedings, I am pretty worn down!  I don't really remember this part when I think about Jack as a baby, so I know she'll be able to stretch it out soon, so I'm just hanging in there for now.

On a positive note, all that eating has her plumping right up!

I'm proud of how well Jacob and I have teamed up to support each other this week and I'm so thankful to our wonderful friends who have been bringing us dinner!  That was really helpful in making this week manageable!

Some sweet shots:

Jack digging

Cora awake


Jessica said...

Sounds like you are doing well! So glad to hear it!

Erin said...

You are doing great! Way more active and together than i was at week 3!! Loved the pic of Cora doing tummy time and the sweet dress she is wearing in the close up picture.

Katie Coburn said...

Jacob's candor cracks me up! I didn't think you sounded desperate :) I love the posts, hearing that you are doing well and that Jack is becoming a more cooperative big brother! Can't wait to hold that baby when I get back to NOLA!

Katie Coburn said...

Jacob's candor cracks me up! I didn't think you sounded desperate :) It's great to hear the updates and how Jack is becoming a more cooperative big brother! I can't wait to hold that baby when I get back to NOLA!