Monday, July 16, 2012

1 Month Update

Landry Family Updates

Papa Landry - Busy, busy.  Lots going on at work, every other weekend MBA courses and accompanying homework, many landscaping projects...  Enough going on that he was given a pass on nighttime Cora duty and is currently sleeping in the guest room.  He is getting up with Jack in the morning giving me an extra hour of precious sleep.

Mama Landry - Sleepy, sleepy.  The fatigue has caught up with me and I'm yawning.  A lot.  I have gotten awesome help in the last few weeks, from my mom and sister especially, which has made an incredible difference, but the whole sleeping in short chunks has to catch up with a person at some point.  The only major gaffe was when I turned into the oncoming traffic turn lane rather than the correct turn lane yesterday.  Luckily there weren't cars coming and luckily Jacob was there to say "WHAT are you doing?"  Jack then piped up from the backseat, "Mommy wasn't paying attention?"  No, Jack, Mommy is just very tired.
Haha - family 4th of July shot - they were all like this

Jack Landry - This boy is so loved, not just by us but by his extended family as well.  His two grandmothers and his aunts just adore him and it's really special to see.

It makes me feel good to know he feels so securely loved that he has been able to freely share that love with Cora.  I wouldn't have guessed that a 2 year old was capable of the instant and immediate love that a parent has for a new baby, but the way his face lights up whenever Cora is around, makes it seem like Jack was hit with the same love we were.  Good thing I'm passing antibodies to her in my milk because she's gotten lots of wet, slobbery kisses from him in the last month.

Jack continues to bounce between the most precious of creatures to a very willful 2 year old, but he is becoming more reasonable and reflective.  Now when he has a defiant episode, we can talk about it and he will bring it up repeatedly and usually apologizes.

Oh and he's potty trained!!  It finally clicked!

Cora Landry - She's so beautiful.

She is awake more now but still is happy to sleep most of the time.  She nurses great and managed to put on 4 lbs in 4 weeks going from the 50th percentile to the 90-100th at one month.  From 7 lbs, 11 oz to 11 lbs, 12 oz!  So obviously all that time she spent sleeping the last month was actually her growing.

She is a grunter (and the reason Jacob can't swing sleeping with us) and a champion burper.  She doesn't like being flat on her back and is happiest snuggled upright on our chests.  She is usually instantly soothed if you pick her up, so to me, that means she's a social gal and doesn't like to be left alone.

She's my little dress up doll and I could not be having more fun with all her little girl clothes.

She likes bathtime and so do I.  I love how our sink is perfect for bathing a baby (no divider).

5 weeks have flown by, but we are slowly adjusting.  We are tired but truly are enjoying being parents to these two special people.

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Jessica said...

Cora is such a pretty baby! And that picture of Kristen kissing Jack is too cute! I hope you are able to get some longer stretches of sleep soon!